Movie of the Week: W.

First off, Josh Brolin was great as Dubya.  He was able to humanize him but show how his flaws led to some tragic decisions. I really hope he gets some award love this season.

It wasn’t much of a movie as a series of sketches of some famous scenes during Bush’s presidency.  Some were compelling (like the discussion to go to war with Iraq) and some were just well cast Saturday Night Live sketches.

It was also kind of distracting that the actors had different levels of commitments to their roles. Brolin, Richard Dreyfuss (Cheney), Banks (Laura Bush) and Toby Jones (Karl Rove) deeply embraced their characters while James Cromwell (Bush Sr.) and Jeffery Wright (Colin Powell) just played themselves.  Speaking of SNL, Thandie Newton as Condi was just a caricature. You couldn’t take her seriously and I don’t think we were supposed to.

This would have been a great movie to make three years from now.


3 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: W.

  1. Josh Brolin evidently tries to “make a statement” with his movies, such as in No Country for Old Men, which makes him pretty well suited for making ‘W.’

  2. I thought Thandie’s condi was really good. I didn’t want her to be condi originally because let’s face it, thandie is a light bright. I thought she did really good mimicing Condi’s movement and voice which is what she was supposed to do. I can see what you mean though when comparing her acting to the guy who played Karl Rove.

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