Consolation Prizes #4: Bed

I decided that instead of harping on how it sucks to be single, I’m going to highlight to beautiful things about being single.*  Now I’m not daft, I realize that most of these reasons are going to be variations of the same underlying theme, “no longer having to compromise”, but let me have my fun.

#4: Bed

Sometimes you share the bed with some who is your sleep opposite – they’re a wall/you are a door; they’re a right-side/you’re a left-side; etc.  But it’s nice to have options.

Sure, if you are sharing a bed with someone for a long time, it takes awhile to get used to them being gone but when it’s really hot in your room, nothing beats having a cold side of the bed and two cold pillows (that’s four potential cold sides!).

Then there is comforter issue.  You know how it goes: you go to sleep sharing the comforter evenly but in the middle of the night, you wake up because a large part of you is exposed to the coldness of night.  You try to tug on the comforter to rectify the situation and you find your loving girl/boyfriend has done a tuck and roll (when they grab a part of the comforter with their hands, stick it under their body and roll over on it).  Eventually, they give it back but you’ll be cold again soon enough.

Other things you won’t miss: snoring, talking in their sleep , cold feet, night farts, going to bed when they want to stay up and watch TV or read a book, wanting to read a book or watch TV when they want to go to bed…

Did I miss anything?


2 thoughts on “Consolation Prizes #4: Bed

  1. I really miss my ex’s bed. I got the best sleep ever there. I saw him on Friday and (jokingly, of course) asked if I could take a nap in his bed. He said no.

  2. you missed the joys of edwin the electric fleeced under-blanket. oh god how i love to be all toasty in my bed with just me and edwin and fluffy duckie. with anyone else in the bed, it’s just too much and generally they never get as cold as me and don’t like edders. personally i just think they are jealous. EDWIN FO’ LIFE!!! 😀

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