What I Want From A Superman Movie

all_star_superman_cover_1After reading what Mark Millar and other noteworthy comic book writers would do if they were writing DC purported re-relaunch of the Superman film franchise, here’s what I would like to see:

Lex Luthor: Genius Businessman Obsessed With Superman. While I enjoyed Gene Hackman and, for the most part, Kevin Spacey’s stabs at Superman’s greatest villain, I think he is played too much for laughs. I would like to see a Lex Luthor who is more like the one in Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman or Brian Azzarello’s Lex Luthor: Man of Steel where he is a super-genius and ruthless businessman who is jealous of the attention Superman gets. This Lex Luthor could cure cancer or AIDS but he focuses all his energy and resources on defeating Superman and he blames Superman from keeping his distracted from using his genius for good.

Brainiac. One of the biggest problems with Superman is he is so powerful that he can’t be beat unless Kryptonite comes into play (it’s supposed be rare but someone always finds some). He needs a villain who can go punch for punch with him. Superman II was great because Superman was facing THREE villains with his strength level (but not his experience so it made sense they couldn’t whip him outright). I would say Doomsday but they need to firmly reestablish him cinematically before the can focus on the death and return.

No Superkid. What a horrible fucking idea. Especially considering the kid was conceived in a sexual escapade that Lois doesn’t remember because if the Kryptonian roofie Superman slipped at the end of Superman II (making it interstellar date rape). You can veer from comic books but not that much.

It Sucks To Be Superman. Spend some time showing how hard it is for an all-powerful being who can hear every incident that he knows he can’t make it to in time. No matter how fast Superman is, the fact of the matter is he can’t be everywhere at once and that tears him up more than anything. Spider-Man and Batman don’t make it to every purse snatcher but they don’t hear about it until it’s in or on the news. Superman had to make decisions about what crimes to prevent.

It’s Truth, Justice and The American Way, Damnit!. It annoyed me that in Superman Returns, Perry White purposely didn’t say it. The values Superman was raised is very important to the character. It’s the reason this God-like alien just didn’t decide to rule over us.

I’m no movie producer or screenwriter but I don’t think I’m asking for much.


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