100 Things I Love About Being In A Relationship

First off, no, you didn’t miss anything.  I’m not in a relationship nor do I think I’m ready to rejoin the pack so to speak.

I was listening to my iPod on the subway, trying to think of something for my Consolation Prizes project and was drawing a blank.  Then I remembered a conversation i had with my friend Tabitha about what kind of guy I was like when I had a girlfriend and how I gave her hope that there would guys out there.  So then I decided to tried to tap into that version of myself (Sean 3.0) and see if I could put together this list.

This isn’t a cry to get back together with any of my ex-girlfriends but I should thank them for being such great girlfriends that I was able to put together this list.

Also, on a downer note, a lot of you long term relationshippers are no longer experiencing the things on this list so I guess the title of this list for you is “50-80 Things I Miss About My Relationship” [1]

On to the main event:

  1. First time that you meet
  2. First time that you call/get called
  3. First date
  4. Finding something in common during conversation to build off
  5. First semi-awkward kiss
  6. First post-date/kiss phone call/text
  7. First time you have sex
  8. First time you have GREAT sex
  9. First time you have a double/tripleheader
  10. Post-coital conversations
  11. When you decide that you are in a monogamous relationship
  12. Telling your close friends about this new person
  13. When they are the last person you want to talk to before you go to bed
  14. Falling asleep on the phone with them not because you are bored with them but because, at the time, being tired doesn’t feel like a good enough reason to get off of the phone
  15. The first time you share “I love yous”
  16. The conversation down the road about who said it first
  17. When you’re together at a party or large gathering, get separated and make eye contact across the room
  18. The period of time when seeing them makes your heart beat a little faster or get butterflies in your stomach
  19. Receiving a gift from them that you are totally surprised by because you never said you wanted it and it shows that they actually pay attention to you
  20. Buying a gift like #19 and seeing their face when they open it
  21. Spooning
  22. Seeing them naked for the first time in a sexual way
  23. Seeing them naked for the first time in a casual way [2]
  24. Traveling together
  25. Inside jokes
  26. Sharing something that you are really passionate about that they don’t know anything about yet embrace it
  27. When they still want to do something you are passionate about but they could give two shits about because it is important to you
  28. Making a mixtape for them
  29. The first time they grab your hand to hold it [3]
  30. P.D.A.
  31. Coming up behind them and putting your arms their waist
  32. When you’re sick and they take care of you
  33. When they are having a bad day and they don’t want to talk about it, they just want a hug
  34. Needing a hug and knowing one is waiting for you
  35. Your first stupid fight
  36. The first time they apologize to you sincerely and not just to end the argument [4]
  37. Makeup sex
  38. Cuddling when it’s cold
  39. Taking silly pictures together
  40. When they tell you a certain quality that you possess that they love that you didn’t realize you actually possessed
  41. Noticing something about them they haven’t noticed about themselves making that something “yours” in a weird way
  42. Discovering a new favorite thing (restaurant, movie, TV show, etc.) together
  43. When a song makes you think about them
  44. When you have a song as a couple[5]
  45. Being physically apart long enough to remember what it’s like to miss them
  46. Anniversaries
  47. Shared holidays
  48. Getting a massage from them when you really had a bad day
  49. Getting drunk together
  50. Drunk, sloppy sex
  51. Laughing during sex
  52. Making them feel better just by being there
  53. Resting your head on their shoulder, chest or lap
  54. When they make you change something about yourself that needed changing
  55. When they encourage you to do something positive in your life that you probably wouldn’t have done without their emotional support
  56. Receiving a thoughtful/sweet note in a card[6]
  57. Being inspired to write a thoughtful/sweet note in a card
  58. Spending the whole day e-mailing/IM-ing back and forth at work
  59. Spending the night together in a hotel room
  60. Spending a lazy Saturday/Sunday in bed together
  61. When their parents/close friends doesn’t necessarily hate you
  62. The first time they fart in front of you and are forced to admit it
  63. Being in a loud gathering and having them whisper something sweet in your ear
  64. When they make you feel more attractive then you really feel
  65. Doing something spontaneous together
  66. Having a “plus one” for a wedding
  67. Jealousy[7]
  68. Sending flowers[8]
  69. Cute nicknames
  70. Going to the movies together and holding hands[9]
  71. Their laugh[10]
  72. When they put their bent pointer finger on the bottom of your chin to raise your head and plant one kiss or, if they are the shorter one, when they put their hand on the back of your head and pull you in for a kiss
  73. Getting turned on by them for some random thing they do that they don’t realize they are doing
  74. Waking up face to face and smiling[11]
  75. Finding one of their hairs on your sweater
  76. Making out after you realized it’s been a long time since you just made out
  77. When they do something special for your birthday
  78. Going through your dresser and finding old notes/cards that they sent you
  79. Dancing together (or trying to)
  80. Making fun of other people together
  81. Walking around together
  82. Seeing old pictures of them
  83. Being able to identify their scent and then getting so used to it, you don’t notice it anymore
  84. Getting used to one of their more annoying qualities
  85. Seeing them in a “WOW” outfit
  86. Watching TV together
  87. Being genuinely surprised how much you love them
  88. Being genuinely surprised how much they love you
  89. A kiss goodnight
  90. A kiss good morning
  91. A greeting kiss when you meet up somewhere
  92. Your first real relationship-threatening but ultimately relationship-affirming fight
  93. Meeting up just to hang out somewhere different
  94. When you realize they are your best friend
  95. When you catch them looking at you and smiling
  96. When you think to yourself, “I can’t believe we’re together”[12]
  97. When they find your “spot” and casually exploit it
  98. When you tell them a story about something that’s really bothering you and they laugh and you don’t think it’s funny at all but you realize how silly you sound and you laugh too
  99. When you try something new together
  100. When you are sitting on the couch in silence, not saying anything, not doing anything particularly interesting and you think to yourself, “This is nice.”

Did I miss any of your favorites?  Then make your own list.

Me? I’m going back to the domain of the singles.

[1] It could also be titled “100 Reasons Why Your Friends Hate Hanging Out With You Two”
^[2] Like they are getting ready for work or something
^[3] Locking fingers
^[4] Does this mean I’m petty?
^[5] …which will invariably be ruined if you two breakup
^[6] Since people don’t mail letters anymore
^[7] Cute jealousy like “I saw you looking at her/him” not psycho, obsessive, I-don’t-trust-you jealousy
^[8] We really need a male equivalent of flowers
^[9] Especially if it’s a movie you both want to see and/or a romantic movie
^[10] Which is probably annoying to everyone else but you don’t care
^[11] Before someone talks and ruins it with morning breath
^[12] In a good kinda way not in a “what-the-fuck-am-I-doing-with-my-life” kinda way)


11 thoughts on “100 Things I Love About Being In A Relationship

  1. #101 definitely is — when the other person asks you to marry them and you know instantly and down to your very core the answer is “yes.”

  2. I like my friends’ reactions when they see his picture or meet him, “wow, he’s cute!” They act like I couldn’t get someone that handsome.

    Your list made me miss the current bf.

    As for the ex, I miss knowing all the gossip about our mutual friends. For some reason, everyone told him stuff and I always had the juicy updates. Oh, and Saturday mornings in East LA.

  3. love this list.

    reminds me that there are some things about George that will never get old for me. especially #96. but these days, it’s more “look at the life we’ve created together out of this crazy love.”

    then there are those good things that become so familiar and comfy, that i think i take them for granted. i gotta remedy that.

    thanks for the reminder, Seany. 🙂

  4. As a romance streaked with regrets, obligations and fears, “Sunset” builds to a wistful, perfect conclusion – a fadeout infused with the idea that a memory’s never finished as long as you’re alive and one of the loveliest last-line exchanges of all time.

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