Movie of the Week: RocknRolla

More Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch than Revolver and Swept Away.  Thank God!

Guy Ritchie wasn’t even trying to do anything new or different.

He basically repeated the formula from his first two films…

…Witty but bumbling theives with a tough leader? Check

…Nasty villain? Check

….Wildcard character? Check

…Well planned heist that gets screwed up? Check

….Everything tying together in the end? Check

Actually, I thought the ending was too abrupt.  We never find out the final fate of Stella (Thandie Newton).

All the actors were great (I love hearing actors using their actual accents) except Chris Bridges (a.k.a Ludacris).  He was too stiff especially considering he was paired up with Jeremy Piven.


One thought on “Movie of the Week: RocknRolla

  1. Dope, right? I’m coppin’ when it hits DVD. And I totally agree w/ Luda. I coulda done without him in the movie. However, whoever styled Jeremy Piven put in WORK. This fool had on ill gear in every scene. Down to the kicks.

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