Movie of the Week: Quantum of Solace

This seemed more like a Bourne movie than a Bond movie.  Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing but it does take away from the Bond mystique.

All the action setpieces were nice but they were all something we’ve seen before.

In Casino Royale, it felt like Bond was evolving to the cool, controlled Bond we’d come to expect but in Quantum, he seems to devolve into the thug he started out as.

The villains weren’t that interesting either.  Still Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench are still great and I still think the franchise is going in the right direction.

Also, that Jack White/Alicia Keys song is not only the worst Bond theme song I ever heard but it definitely was one of the worst songs I can remember being forced to listen to from start to finish.  The opening credits couldn’t end fast enough.


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