R.I.P. (to me) Bally’s Sports Club

bally-total-fitness-jobsSo I’ve been a Bally’s member for almost a decade.  Mostly out of convenience. In Westbury, it was the cheapest gym and was not too far from the train station.  In the city, there was a Bally’s Sports Club right across the courtyard from my office which it ridiculously easy to go to (and make myself feel bad about not going)

Well, a year ago, Bally’s filed for bankruptcy.  We were assured that service would not be affected and it wasn’t.  Actually, we ended up getting better equipment which was nice because I was pretty sure some of the machines were older than me.

Recently, things have started to get weird.  First, they switched lockers.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal but let me tell you, the lockers they used to have were large.  You could could hang every item you wore on a hook (important during the winter) and stuff it with multiple bags.  The “new” lockers were what you typically find in a gym with some large ones and some small ones BUT the large ones were already missing half of their hooks.

Then a few months ago, they changed the hours so that they close an hour earlier during the week.  This didn’t affect me because I went in the mornings. But still, what exactly am i paying a little extra to go to the Bally Sports Club?

Last Monday, there were signs in the elevator saying that towel service would be discontinued on December 15th because they couldn’t afford it anymore.  What the fuck?  It’s not like my monthly rate is going down since services are being taken away. I hate carrying around a wet towel all day.

This morning, I go to the gym and the sign in the elevator now reads that towel service would be discontinued on December 5th.  The last time I went to the gym prior to this? December 4th.  I live 30 minutes away from the gym so it’s not like I could go home and pick up a towel.  Oh and all but one of the hand dryers were broken.  So I had to wash and dry myself off with PAPER TOWELS this morning.  Actually, I was surprised they had paper towels in stock because they never refill them.

I’m joining Equinox.  It sucks that I will have to pay more than double what I pay now but damnit, a man has his limits.

P.S.: Bally’s filed for bankruptcy again last week.


3 thoughts on “R.I.P. (to me) Bally’s Sports Club

  1. could be worse… I went to work out at the Ballys I have belonged to for 8 years in Salt Lake City, Utah this morning and it was closed and locked with an out of business sign. I bought a large personal training package last week. No answer at the local or 800 Bally phone numbers. I was there yesterday and no one said a word about closing. I’m pissed.

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