2008: 10 Favorite Comic Book Series

These were my favorite comic book series for 2008…that I can remember.

I read at least 10-15 comic books a week so it’s hard to remember everything.

  1. All-Star Superman
  2. Amazing Spider-Man
  3. Batman
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight
  5. Criminal
  6. Fables
  7. The Incredible Herc
  8. Invincible Iron Man
  9. Northlanders
  10. Scalped

Best Single Issue of 2008: All-Star Superman #10

While I can’t remember every single comic I read in 2008, this one I’ll never forget.  In this issue, Superman essentially writes his last will and testament before he dies.  He sets out to take care of Earth as best as he can before the end and solve as many of the world’s problems.

While the entire series is amazing, this issue sums up everything that is great about Superman in 22 pages.  It also partially inspired this post.


2 thoughts on “2008: 10 Favorite Comic Book Series

  1. You’re like the only one I know of that likes “Amazing Spider Man” as opposed to “Ultimate Spider Man”. And I’d personally would put “Criminal” higher up on the list.

  2. The list is in alphabetical order.

    “Amazing Spider-Man” has been great this year especially if it’s written by Slott or drawn by Romita Jr. or Martin.

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