Movie of the Week II: Revolutionary Road

The date movie of the year! Just kidding.

Based on the trailer, I thought it was just going to be an extended screaming match between the lovers in Titanic and to some extent it was. It was still enjoyable. I don’t know if this would have affected me if I was married but it would spark some interesting conversations.

Kate Winslet who has perfected the tortured housewife during Little Children was great. Leonardo DiCaprio was good. My friends and I were discussing how, like Tom Cruise, it’s hard to get past who the actor is. You always can feel the person acting. It’s no fault of theirs. If I had never seen DiCaprio in a movie, I would have thought he was amazing.

Despite the prowess of DiCaprio and Winslet, Michael Shannon as John Givings stole the movie in his two scenes. I hope he gets nominated (only to lose to Heath Ledger).


One thought on “Movie of the Week II: Revolutionary Road

  1. Damn. Totally intense. I know what you mean about seeing Leo act…it was hard to get past it at first. I told Shawn the entire movie seemed like a play to me — a bunch of vignettes into a person’s life. I have the book and now I can’t wait to read it to compare.

    I loved the movie, but now I am tired and feeling less than rosy about my impending marriage. Thanks Hollywood!

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