2008: 10 Favorite Things

I’ll do my movies list last because there are still a couple of 2008 releases I want to see before I make my final decisions.

  1. Equinox Gym – After my nightmare with Bally’s, Equinox is like heaven.
  2. Flickr – I always had a Flickr account but I finally upgraded to a Pro account.  I don’t know what took me so long.
  3. Apple MacBook – A last second entry but a goodie
  4. Mark Ecko Boba Fett hoodie – I got this 50% off and it was worth every geeky penny
  5. Panasonic DMC-TZ5 – I bought this camera specifically to take pictures of Lollapalooza.  I love it.  It’s not very pocket-sized but the photo quality is great.
  6. Playstation 3 – Only for the Blu Ray player.  I haven’t even cracked open the only game I own for it.
  7. Rock Band/Rock Band 2 – I wish I was good at it but I love playing it.
  8. Tattoo #5: Batman R.I.P. –  The latest addition to the family
  9. Twitter – Nothing makes a work day fly by like Twitter
  10. WordPress.com – I moved my blog over from Blogger and I love the interface.  Maybe when I have time, I’ll move to WordPress.org

2 thoughts on “2008: 10 Favorite Things

  1. I’m gonna have to co-sign #9 heavily. I apologize to Bill all the time for dissing it before I signed up. He was trying to get me on there back in Spring. Finally sucummbed to the pressure in August. Now it has fucking exploded over the past couple months.

    And I suggest EVERYONE upgrade to Flickr Pro. I don’t give alot of money to websites like that but that was worth it. I’ve never been on a better image gallery site. Remember ImageStation? Yikes.

  2. I’m stealing this concept.

    At least one of your favorites is on my list too (MacBook). As for WordPress, Flickr and Twitter, I’ve been using those for ~2 to 4 years. Twitter has been more entertaining since it’s growth in popularity recently. Plus there are less fail whales. I’m not sure about Flickr’s new interface. I don’t like it much.

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