50 Things I Hope To Do or Start in 2009

“[I pray for] The strength to change what I can, the inability to accept what I can’t and the incapacity to tell the difference.”

– Calvin
Calvin & Hobbes: The Days are Just Packed

I think having a list of New Year’s resolutions is just setting yourself up for disappointment.  So this is just a list of things I HOPE to do but, if I don’t succeed, I’m not going to judge myself.  Although this should not prevent you from judging me.

  1. Travel. I didn’t even get on a plane last year. I meant to go to California and Australia but I just never got around to it.  This year I’m definitely going to London for a week or two and maybe I’ll squeeze in California.
  2. Write At Least Three Crappy Stories For My Writing Blog. I haven’t posted a story since December 2007.  That’s just sad.
  3. Participate in National Novel Writing Month. This one is kind of a long shot.  I don’t know if I have the patience and dedication to do this yet. But it’s a nice thought.
  4. Spend Less Money On Comic Books. I went from spending $20-40 a week on comics to $50-70 a week thanks to all the crossovers and tie-ins for Marvel & DC Comics’ events.  I plan to pare down my weekly pulls by half by March.
  5. Pay Off My Credit Card Debt. I’m laying low for the next three months to pay off my new laptop, Christmas and all the other shit I bought in 2008.
  6. Buy Glasses. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I bought glasses. The one I wear when I don’t have contacts in are definitely bad for my eyes and are so scratched up, I’m embarrassed to wear them outside.  Unfortunately, my vision is so bad that getting glasses would be a major purchase so it will have to wait.
  7. Buy A New iPod. I wish I could wait but I can’t keep deleting music off my 80GB to make room for this year’s music.  Luckily, I can still get the 160GB refurbished.
  8. Retire Some Of The Shirts In My Closet. There’s a picture of me in the office from when I started almost seven years ago wearing a shirt that is still in heavy rotation.  Time to give some of that shit to the Salvation Army.
  9. Get Some New Shirts. Well, I’ll need something to wear when I throw out all my old shirts.
  10. Replace My Dresser. This is just pathetic
  11. Buy Some More Shoes. I think I have enough sneakers.
  12. Stop Watching TV Shows Out of Habit When They’re Bad. Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, you’re on notice.
  13. Drink More Water. Especially at work.  I’ll start the day with one but then drink Diet Coke from lunch til I go home
  14. Ride My Bike. I only rode my bike once last year.  I’d like to take it out at least twice a month in the spring and summer.
  15. Start Running On The Treadmill. I always punk out once my shins start to hurt and head back to the elliptical. Maybe when my ankle feels better.
  16. Go To The Beach. I didn’t go to the beach at all last year.
  17. Watch All The Movies On My “100 Movies I’m Embarrassed To Admit I Haven’t Seen Yet” List. Again, seems like a longshot but I should at least knock off half via Netflix and TCM.
  18. Do One Of Cindy’s Photo Projects. My friends Cindy does these one photo a day projects.  I’m always too lazy but I think I’ll give it a shot during whichever month I go to England.
  19. Go To The Gym At Least Three Times A Week. I kinda already do this but I go through spells where I’ll skip a month.
  20. Win In The Extreme Causal Division Of ZogSports Touch Football. I’ve been playing touch football via ZogSports for almost three years on Rule 76 and we’ve never won our division.  Last year, we lost in the finals.  Hopefully this will be the year.
  21. Talk On The Phone More. My disdain for the talking on the phone is well-documented but it is affecting certain relationships so I’m going to have to suck it up.
  22. Visit My Parents. Last year, I only went home for holidays and parents’ birthdays.  That’s just lame on my part
  23. Go On A Date. I don’t think I’ve been on a legitimate date since 2001. By “date,” I mean going out with someone where the romantic implications are clear from the beginning and majorly hinge on the quality of the outing.
  24. Stop Spending So Much Money In Bars. I think after food and comic books, bar tabs are my biggest monthly expenditure.  I need to cut myself off after two or three drinks.
  25. Read More Books. Graphic novels don’t count.  It will help with my writing to read others.
  26. Read The Books I Already Bought. I have a huge stack of books and graphic novels collecting dust that need to finally be cracked open. Shit, I still haven’t even started the massive Palomar collection Tara got me for Christmas in 2007.
  27. Beat All The Video Games I’ve Already Bought Before Buying Any New Ones. I have five games that I haven’t made time to play and yet this doesn’t stop me from buying whatever the hot new game of the month is.
  28. Get Better At Rock Band/Guitar Hero. Time to get off medium level.
  29. Keep My Room Clean. I think the reason I allow my room to get so messy is because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be the only one who sees it which leads to…
  30. Have More People Over. Last year, only four people have been in my room. Only one who hadn’t been there before.
  31. Eat Better. I eat like shit especially on the weekends and during lunch.  I’m trying to limit myself to either a soup, salad or a sandwich during lunch.
  32. Learn How To Cook At Least Five Meals. And by “cook”, I mean “not heat up a microwave meal”.
  33. Go To The Dentist. I finally went to the doctor after almost a decade for a checkup (don’t worry, I’m not dying).  Now it’s time to go to get the at least three cavities I’m pretty sure I have checked out.
  34. Proofread My E-mails/Blog Postings. I have a nasty habit of hitting “send” or “publish” before re-reading what I’ve written because I’m so happy to be done with it.  There’s probably a typo in here.
  35. Be More Social When I Go Out. I’m kinda standoff-ish when I hang out until I get a couple of drinks in me.
  36. Embrace My Inner Man Whore. Heh.
  37. Find New And Creative Things To Blog About. I think I’m out of “100 Things” lists so I need some new things to write about.
  38. Make Some New Friends. Nothing is wrong with the current team but there’s nothing wrong with drafting new talent.
  39. Get Back In Touch With Some Friends I Miss. Not everyone has joined Facebook.
  40. Stop Buying DVDs That I’m Never Going To Watch. Self explanatory
  41. Go Out More During The Days On The Weekends. I always spend my non-football playing/watching weekends in my bed watching TV (usually playing DVR catchup).  I need to take a walk or something.
  42. Either Do My Job Better Or Get A Better Job. But stop complaining either way
  43. Watch More Documentaries. I feel so uninformed.
  44. Better Grooming. After I get over my beard experiment, I need to shave more than once a week and not just on Friday night before I go out.
  45. Less Impulse Shopping. I’m a sucker for Amazon Gold Box specials.  That usually leads to the DVDs I buy but don’t watch. Oh, and to me being broke.
  46. Less Time On My Computer And The Internet In General.
  47. Stop IMing People Who Generally Don’t IM Me. Nasty habit I have.  I do it mostly to procrastinate.
  48. Learn How To Do Something New. Maybe chess or yoga.
  49. Don’t Procrastinate As Much. For example, this list took me five days to complete.
  50. Don’t Buy Any More Coats. This will have to be effective immediately.  Oopps.

I’ll do a follow-up on my birthday to see how I’m doing so far.


6 thoughts on “50 Things I Hope To Do or Start in 2009

  1. LMAO @ your chest of drawers!!!!

    i like cindylu’s photo projects too and was considering jacking the idea as well. 🙂

    and i hope we can hang out when you come to london this year. 🙂

  2. This probably wont help your number 4 but i have come across a box of comics (Marvel and the like from the late 60’s early 70’s). Interested? haha

  3. i say you can combine #2 and #36 for some interesting reading. twitter can only be so entertaining when i’m at work.

    and the photo a day project isn’t too tough. sometimes, the tougher part is choosing the photo to represent that day.

  4. Nice list! I giggled a few times 🙂 Especially at the dresser. has ur roomie been in ur room to see that anytime lately???
    Also, there’s a website – http://www.43things.com — that allows people to do the same thing–make a “hope list”. And you can put a time limit on it, add reminders, or neither and just have ur list 🙂

  5. I would say visit me when you see your parents but I don’t live there either. I hope we cross paths at least once this summer.

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