25 Questions I Hope Get Answered In Lost

While it would be nice to have every little question answered from the last four seasons of Lost, I’m okay with the fact that some things will never really be explained (I’m not losing any sleep over Libby being in the mental institution with Hurley) and that the answers we do get may not be satisfying at all (I’m already mentally preparing myself to be let down by the explanation for the black smoke monster).

That said, these are 25 things I really hope are answered (or least addressed) in the final two seasons of Lost.

  1. The nature of the island and all it’s mystical properties. Obviously, this is the big one.  This encompasses the healing properties, the ability to jump through time and space and it’s original inhabitants
  2. Do the numbers actually mean anything? I know there’s some sort of explanation through The Lost Experience game but I want a flat out answer.
  3. What is the goal/purpose of The DHARMA Initiative?
  4. What’s up with Walt’s powers? What exactly are his powers? To what extent is he aware of them?  Does he still have them?
  5. How did the Black Rock end up on the middle of the island? The slave ship that has a limitless supply of dynamite (what does a slave ship need with that much dynamite?) and the body of the original sawyer.
  6. Who is Jacob and what are the nature of his powers and abilities? Is he a real person? A ghost? It is him who appears as dead people on and off the island?
  7. What is the history of The Others (particularly Richard Alpert)? How long have they been on the island? I think it has something to do with the Black Rock but if that’s the case, why aren’t there more black Others considering it was a slave ship?  I’m just saying…
  8. What disease killed Danielle Rousseau’s crew? Danielle said that a mysterious illness killed the rest of her expedition including Alex’s real father.  Does it have anything to do with the medication Desmond used to inject when he was manning The Hatch.
  9. How does one get on Jacob’s list? What determines if one of “good” or Others worthy? What makes Jacob a good judge of character?
  10. Why do the Others abduct children? They snatched up all the children except Aaron but none of the taillies except Bernard lived long enough to ask Ben
  11. What’s up with the whispers in the woods? is it an Others thing, a Jacob thing or a smoke monster thing?  What does it signified except for super Lost geek to get their tape recorders ready for a new message for them to decode like Ralphie in A Christmas Story.  Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine.
  12. How come Hurley can physical interact with the dead and/or see Jacob? Everyone on the island sees dead people but Hurley seems to be making physical contact with them – Charlie slapping him. Playing chess with Mr. Eko.
  13. What about the implosion of the Hatch allowed Desmond to be mentally divergent in the timestream? What about the electromagnetic properties of the Hatch sends Desmond’s consciousness into different places in time?
  14. What is the smoke monster? Locke said when he saw it, it appeared as a white light. Later as black smoke, it tried to drag him down a hole.  It killed the pilot, Mr. Eko and most of Keamy’s assault team.  What motivates Smokey’s actions and is anything or anyone controlling him?  Ben seemed to unleash him.
  15. The Four-toed statue. Yeah, what the fuck is that about?  Are these the descendants of Springfield?
  16. Were all the connections between the survivors in flight 815 on purpose or just the greatest series of coincidences in the history of the world? Were they destined to come to the island or brought to the island by a mysterious force or is it really just a small world after all?
  17. Who were the pair of skeletons (Adam and Eve) and the black and white stone they were holding Jack and Kate discovered in season one? An oldie but a goodie.
  18. What happened to Claire? Is she dead? If so, how?  If not, why did she abandon Aaron?
  19. Who is the real villain: Benjamin Linus or Charles Widmore? Because every other line out of Ben is a lie or a quarter-truth, can we really assume that Widmore is the bad guy here?
  20. What’s the deal with Christian Shephard? How does one get hired as Jacob’s representative?
  21. What’s the significance of Aaron? Remember the “fake” psychic who told Claire she had to get on the plane and only she should raise Aaron? Remember when The Others were obsessed with Aaron? Remember when Charlie had crazy dreams about Aaron needing to be baptized?
  22. What made Locke so special that Richard Alpert visited him when he was a child and gave him a Dali Lama-like test? What is his special connection to the island?
  23. When was Charlotte on the island before? She said she was born on the island.
  24. What happened to Annie, Ben’s one true love? Did she die during The Purge? Is she the woman that Juliet reminds him of?
  25. What are “The Rules” Ben referred to that Charles Widmore broke when Keamy killed Alex? Ben was confident that Keamy wouldn’t kill Alex so is there a rules of engagement agreement between Widmore and The Others?
  26. Who does Kate really love: Jack or Sawyer?

What questions are you hoping get answered before the end?


3 thoughts on “25 Questions I Hope Get Answered In Lost

  1. Out of all the things on Lost that creep me out, the four-toed statue is by far the worst. I also want to understand the role of fate and how free will intersects with this.

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