Movie of the Week: Gran Torino

It’s a shame that Clint Eastwood claims that this is his last acting role.  i still think he should play Bruce Wayne/Batman when someone has the balls to make The Dark Knight Returns.

Anyway, Clint was great in the movie.  He was clearly having fun on his third “last acting role ever”.

However, the other actors ranged from middling to bad, especially Bee Vang, who played Thao.  His last emotional scene actually made me laugh outloud he was so bad.  It was like a student film that Clint attached himself to.

Also, I generally have a problem getting behind racist characters who means well.  I always feel uncomfortable and find myself judging the people in the theater who are laughing a little too much. Like every time Clint said “gook,” there were people who laughed their asses off.


One thought on “Movie of the Week: Gran Torino

  1. Ooh… you really do have a good point about the other actors in the film. Sue was literally reading her lines, it seemed…
    We will really forgive Clint Eastwood for just about anything, though, even the general suckiness of the movie surrounding him. I, for one, thought it was a dang good movie, but… it really was just because it had Clint Eastwood in it.

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