24 Season Seven: 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Body Count: 1 (potentially 2)

This was one of those episodes that just put everything into place for the next two. You can always tell which these episodes because the villain will say something big is going to happen in an increment of time that won’t occur until the following episode.

Panic Room:

Whoever designed that panic room needs to give the people of not-Darfur back their money.  What’s the point of having a secure room where the air vent can be tampered?  Well, maybe they didn’t count on having to keep Jack Bauer out of that room.  Jack and Tony teach kids how to make toxic chemicals at home and gas out President Matobo and his cowardly wife.  Seriously, what a punk.  He was ready to die for his country and but she was like “Momma, I wanna live!” and opened the door.  Agent Freckles catches up with them only to get caught by the lead singer of Maroon 5.  Jack and Tony convince Emerson to keep her alive for awhile but once the mole tells big boss man that she doesn’t know shit, he has Jack take her out to a ditch and shoot her.  Being that Jack is Jack, he shoots her in the upper neck/shoulder to make it look like a head shot (he did a similar thing with Nina Myers in season one).  Emerson, having read Jack’s file, make Tony and Jack bury Agent Freckles alive while she lie under a plastic tarp.  I can’t tell if the silent clock was for effect or Agent Freckles is dead.  I hope it’s the former because Agent Freckles doesn’t deserve a silent clock reserved for techies with endearing speech impediments.

Back at CTU the FBI

So let’s get this straight, another Attorney General is painted as someone preventing people from doing their jobs, Billy Walsh is sleeping with Erica, the blond techie (who I am 95% sure is the mole) after risking his job to get his wife out of the air (she’ll probably die in some horrible accident for the sake of irony) and Larry is making finding Agent Freckles a top priority even though President Matobo is also missing.  How did CTU get shut down?  Has any show been a bigger cautionary tale about the pitfalls of interoffice romances than 24?

Secret Service Assassin

The First Husband’s Secret Service agent paralyzes the First Husband with a chemical and plans to do a murder/suicide frame job with the First son’s fiance playing the role of murdered.  First of all, who carries around a drug that paralyzes you? Secondly, how does a kid that young come up with a plan like that in less than an hour?  Where’s Super Agent Pierce to the rescue?

Random Thoughts:

  • That’s the second time Jack has talked to Freckles like a rapist: “Shut up or I will shut you up”.  All he needs to say is “You know you want it: and he’ll complete the Lifetime Male Criminal trifecta
  • I wonder who is going to be the first person to say the President is a “bitch”?
  • Is it just me or has television made real murder/suicide situations seem suspicious?

No Bauer Moment To Remember


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