My Favorite Moments From Lost Season Four

    moment1Jack tries to shoot Locke but the gun isn’t loaded
    “The Beginning of the End”
    4x03-cap3264x03-cap327Faraday’s rocket experiment
    “The Economist”

    Sayid is working for Ben!
    “The Economist”


    Locke sticks a grenade in Miles’ mouth

    Penny answers the phone!
    “The Constant”


    Jin is dead (maybe)
    “Ji Yeon”


    Michael tries to set off the bomb on the freighter only to find a note reading “Not Yet”
    “Meet Kevin Johnson”


    Keamy shoots Alex!
    “The Shape Of Things To Come”


    Ben unleashes the “Smokey” on Keamy and his team
    “The Shape of Things to Come


    Jack finds out that a) Claire is his half-sister and b) Aaron is his nephew
    “No Place Like Home”

    4finale-0138Sayid finally meets his match in Keamy
    “No Place Like Home”

    4finale-0301Ben throwing metal into the chamber in the Orchard Station while the orientation video says specifically not to
    “No Place Like Home”

    4finale-0465Sawyer jumps from the helicopter (forever ruining any chance Jack ever has with Kate)
    “No Place Like Home”


    John Locke: You just killed everybody on that boat.
    Ben Linus: So?
    “No Place Like Home”

    4finale-05761Right before the frieghter blows up and Christian appears to Michael
    Christian: You can go now, Michael
    “No Place Like Home”

    4x13-00031The island moves somewhere
    “No Place Like Home”

    4finale-0932Penny and Desmond finally reunite!
    “No Place Like Home”

    4finale-1132Locke is in the coffin!
    “No Place Like Home”

Who’s ready for season five tonight!


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