Lost Season Five: Because You Left


What I Liked

  • As pointed out by Slate, everything you need to know about the current season of Lost is shown in the opening minutes of the season premiere.  That said, I think this has to be my favorite opening sequence in terms of mindfrak.
  • It’s clear that Daniel Faraday and Desmond are going to have huge roles this season in terms of the sci-fi aspect of this season and that’s awesome because they are two of my three favorite characters (Ben Linus being the third)
  • The flashback/flashforwards are over.  I’m glad because both storytelling devices had run their course.
  • The show has finally tipped heavily towards the sci-fi end of the balancing act it has with it’s character study aspect of the show
  • We’ve hit the ground running.

What I Didn’t Like

  • I loved everything about this episode although the island stuff is infinitely more interesting than the “Let’s Get The Band Back Together” off the island stuff.

Lines of the Night:

  • Sawyer nicknames: Ginger (Charlotte), Danny Boy (Daniel), Frogurt (Neil)
  • “Well, what goes around comes around.” – Alpert, regarding Locke getting shot by Ethan
  • “Maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn’t have to go around shooting people.” – Hurley after Sayid refused a french fry
  • “It’s a compass.” “What’s it do?” “It points north, John.” – Alpert & Locke regarding the compass pictured up top.

What We Learned


  • A person wakes up to an alarm clock set for 8:15 AM (Numbers alert).
  • It’s Dr. Pierre Chang and he’s filming the orientation video for The Arrow Station (the one the tallies were in)
  • There is an accident during some drilling.  The drill melted and one of the workers has a serious nose bleed
  • They are near the Frozen Wheel
  • The energy contained there can manipulate time but you can’t break the rules.
  • If that energy is ever released, then “God help us all”
  • Daniel Faraday is there!
  • After the flash, the people on the beach, the people in Faraday’s boat and Locke moved back to a point in time before Oceanic 815 crashed.
  • Faraday can’t explain it to a simpleton like Sawyer but a quick bitchslap makes him give it a try: The island is moving through different points in time.
  • Locke witness the Yemi’s plane crash into the trees.
  • As Locke’s climbing up to investigate, he’s shot in the leg by Ethan
  • Ethan doesn’t know who he is.
  • They flashforward to 2005 (or close to it)
  • Miles says it took Widmore 20 years to find the island
  • Daniel’s journal has everything he knows about the Dharma Initiative
  • Batmanuel finds Locke and tends to his bullet wound.  When asked how he knew Locke was shot, Alpert says Locke told him.
  • Alpert tells Locke the next time he sees him, Alpert won’t remember Locke.  So he gives him a compass to hand to Alpert next time they meet.
  • Alpert also tells him that he has to bring everyone back to the island and to do that, he’ll have to die.
  • Sawyer tries to go to the back door of the Hatch to get Desmond to open up.
  • Faraday tells him that Desmond won’t open the door because you can’t change the past.  Anything that hasn’t happened in the timestream won’t.
  • Charlotte gets a nosebleed like Desmond and Minkowski in “The Constant”
  • Faraday realizes that Desmond is special and knocks on the Hatch door and Desmond opens up.
  • Faraday tells him that he has to go to Oxford and find Daniel’s mother.
  • They flash away before Daniel can tell Desmond her name

Los Angeles

  • Jack, Ben and Bernie leave the funeral
  • Jack takes off shaves that ridiculous beard
  • Locke never told Jack what happened on the island after they left
  • Two attorneys come to Kate’s door with a subpoena for a blood sample from her and Aaron.
  • Apparently they don’t know Kate (or maybe they do) because she promptly packs her shit and takes Aaron on the road
  • Sun is detained at the airport on the way to Los Angeles by Charles Widmore
  • Her reason for suggestion of a partnership with Charles Widmore: she wants to kill Benjamin Linus (get in line)
  • Hurley is suspect for the murder of the guy Sayid shot outside the mental hospital (which is ridiculous because where would a mental patient have access to a gun)
  • Sayid is no longer working for Ben
  • Hurley and Sayid go one of Sayid’s safe houses (a motel, really?) but men are waiting for him
  • Sayid kills all three (each in badass fashion) but not before taking to tranquilizer darts)
  • Hurley is photographed outside of the motel with a gun in hand
  • Desmond wakes up on a boat with Penny thinking about the island and Oxford.
  • At first, he thinks it’s a dream but he realizes it’s a memory
  • He changes course on the boat to head to Oxford


  • Did Daniel Faraday work for the Dharma Initiative or did he sneak onto the facility when the group flashed back to this time in a future episode?
  • What are the rules that Dr. Chang & Faraday keep mentioning regarding time travel?
  • Is the island moving through time and space or only them?
  • Why is Juliet moving with the 815ers and freighter crew and not with The Others?
  • Who is the client who ordered the blood samples from Kate and Aaron?
  • Why isn’t Sayid working for Ben anymore?
  • Why does Sun want to kill Ben (specifically.  Generally, everyone wants to kill Ben)?
  • Who sent the men to kill Sayid and Hurley?
  • What happened the first time Widmore found the island 20 years ago?
  • Did Alpert give Locke the same compass from the test he give him as a child (“Cabin Fever”) ?
  • Why do only the Oceanic Six need to return to the island?  What about Walt? Or Jin? Or any of the people who died on the freighter?
  • Since Jacob told Locke to move the island, is this what he wanted to happen?
  • How come Charlotte has gotten the sickness?
  • When are Sawyer and Miles finally going to have a snark-off?
  • Why don’t the “rules” apply to Desmond?
  • Who is Daniel’s mother?

3 thoughts on “Lost Season Five: Because You Left

  1. “After the flash, the people on the beach, the people in Faraday’s boat and Locke moved back to a point in time before Oceanic 815 crashed.”

    I dunno, man…while still in the raft with his crew, I remember Faraday saying that they were “out of the radius” of the event. So, somehow, I don’t think that Faraday was fully affected by the moving of the island.

    Then again, how would he be able to interact with Sawyer and company on the island? Now that’s he’s on the island WITH them, is he now traveling back and forth in time with the island, or is he some sort of ghost-like representation of himself, “transmitting” from early 2005? Really, it’d be like they’re ALL ghosts, since they supposedly can’t affect events in the space-time continuum–they can’t change the past.

    But that’s according to Faraday. Who could be COMPLETELY bullshitting, since we still don’t really know what his agenda is.

    Or Charlotte’s.

    Or am I thinking too hard?

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