Lost Season Five: The Lie


What I Liked:

  • Ms. Hawking is back!
  • So is Vincent!
  • How can I not like an episode that focuses on Hurley?  I imagine there won’t be many episodes where we’ll be able to spend time primarily on one character’s struggle with the situation but if we are going to have them, I’m glad they chose Hurley.
  • We are finally going to learn more about the island’s history through all this time jumping?

What I Didn’t Like:

  • This was definitely the least eventful of the two episodes
  • Too much was made of the weight of the lie they all told.
  • As much as I like Michelle Rodriguez, it was kinda silly to bring her back for that one scene.  Was she on vacation?

Lines of the Night:

  • “Libby says ‘Hi.'” – Ana Lucia to Hurley
  • “He’s dead, isn’t he?” “I’ll see you in six hours, Jack.” – Jack and Ben regarding Locke’s body
  • “Welcome back, Dr. Wizard.” “I believe it’s Mr. Wizard.” Sawyer nickname for Daniel and Miles correcting him
  • “Look, everything’s going to make sense. I promise.” “It better!” – Hurley & Hurley’s mom (and everyone who’s been watching the show for the last five years)

What We Learned:

Aboard The Searcher

  • Everyone was willing to lie except Hurley
  • Hurley promises that one day they will need his help and he won’t give it to them


  • They return to the beach
  • Redshirt (Neil) Frogurt is complaining again
  • Daniel pulls something out of his bag and is trying to determine “when” they are
  • Charlotte is starting to feel dizzy and experience memory loss (can’t remember her mother’s maiden name)
  • Miles can use his ghost whisperer powers to find freshly-dead boar
  • Bernard adds “inability” to make a fire to his list of uselessness
  • While Frogurt is complaining about not having fire, he and a number of other redshirts are shot with flaming arrows
  • Sawyer and Juliet are attacked by three soldiers with British (maybe Australian) accents but are saved by Locke

Los Angeles

  • Hurley, forgetting his promise on the boat, tries to save Sayid’s life
  • He gets pulled over but it’s an apparition of Ana Lucia telling him to be more careful, avoid the cops and that Libby says hi
  • While on the run, Kate gets a call from Sun telling her to swing by her hotel
  • Back at a motel, Ben pulls a box out of an air vent and stuffs it in his bag
  • He tells Jack that he has six hours to pack of everything he wants to take because he’ll never be coming back again
  • Ben goes to keep Locke’s body safe
  • Hurley brings Sayid to his house where his dad is home watching Exposé.
  • Ben goes to a butcher shop and talks to a woman named Jill.
  • He gives her Locke’s body for safe keeping
  • Kate visits Sun where she sees baby pictures of Ji Yeon
  • Sun hints that Kate should “take care” of the people who are after Aaron.
  • When Kate is offended, Sun reminds Kate that Kate was supposed to get Jin before the freighter blew up. While she doesn’t blame Kate, she will use that to put her in her place.
  • Sun asks what Jack is up to?
  • Hurley’s dad takes Sayid to Jack and tells Jack to stay away from his son.
  • Hurley tells his mom everything that happened on the island and because of how sad and serious he is, she believes him
  • Jack sneaks Sayid into the back room of a hospital and revives him only to be greeted by Sayid’s hands around his throat
  • Ben sneaks into Hurley’s place to try to get him away from the cops (causing Hurley to waste the greatest food God ever inspired humans to make)
  • Ben tells Hurley that he’ll take him back to the island and he’ll never have to lie again
  • Hurley does some math in his head (Sayid’s advice > Ghost Ana Lucia’s advice) and turns himself into the cops
  • There’s an old woman working on a computer similar to the one in the hatch and a swinging pendulum with chalk
  • She climbs up the stairs and is in a church where Ben is lighting candles
  • It’s Ms. Hawking, from Desmond’s first conscious-altering trip in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”!
  • She informs Ben he has 70 hours to to get everyone back to the island or “God help us all”


  • Is Hurley seeing dead people from the island a manifestation of his insanity, the island trying to communicate and protect him or something else entirely different?
  • What’s in Ben’s box
  • Was Hurley’s dad watching a repeat of Exposé or a new episode?
  • If the latter, was Nikki recast?
  • Who is Jill?
  • How does Miles’ gift work?
  • Who wants Aaron?
  • Why did Sun really want to see and talk to Kate?
  • Who shot the flame arrows?
  • Who are those soldiers that attacked Sawyer and Juliet?
  • How did Jack sneak a body into a hospital?
  • What is Ms. Hawking’s grand role in all of this?
  • What does her computer/pendulum set up do?
  • Is Ms. Hawking Daniel’s mother?
  • Why 70 hours?
  • What happens if Ben can’t get all of them back on the island in 70 hours?
  • Did the writers really think it was okay to use “God help us all” twice?
  • The way Hurley explained everything that’s happened up to this point to his mom: Is that how I sound when I try to explain Lost to the uninitiated?

2 thoughts on “Lost Season Five: The Lie

  1. The way Hurley explained what happened reminded me of when Chunk explained pretending to throw up in the theatre in Goonies.

    Perhaps Hurley is the future of Chunk, post saving the Goondocks?

    Loved the Hot Pocket cameo. I bet it was lava hot on the outside and frozen on the inside.

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