Melanism on…2009 Oscar Nominations

Here’s the complete list:


  • I look forward to hearing the presenter say “Heath Ledger as The Joker”
  • Michael Shannon getting a Best Supporting Actor Nomination for Revolutionary Road.  Like I said in my review, he stole that movie in 10 minutes or so he was in it. Too bad he’s going to lose to Heath Ledger.
  • Robert Downey Jr. getting a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Tropic Thunder.  I think this is the first nomination for an full-on comedic performance since Kevin Kline’s nomination and win for A Fish Called Wanda.  Too bad he’s going to lose to Heath Ledger.
  • Viola Davis getting a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Doubt.  She really was the best actress in the movie which is saying a lot considering her scene was with Meryl Streep.


  • I know it was a long shot for Wall-E or The Dark Knight to get a Best Picture nomination but The Reader?!? Really?  it’s not that I saw it and didn’t think it deserved it (because I haven’t yet) but in all the early talk and speculation, The Reader NEVER came up.  One day the Academy will have to answer for its bias towards films surrounding the Holocaust.
  • Rosemarie Dewitt should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Rachel Getting Married.  Having seen Doubt, I would be okay with Amy Adams not getting nominated.
  • The Dark Knight getting shut out of all the other awards sans the technical ones and Ledger’s nomination.  I think they should have at least gotten a nomination of Best Adapted Screenplay

What the Fuck!

  • There better be some rule violation that prevented Bruce Springsteen’s song “The Wrestler” from not being nominated for an Academy Award.  They only nominated three songs and two of them were from Slumdog Millionaire.

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