Lost Season Five: Jughead


What I Liked:

  • From an IM conversation I had with Erwin right after “The Lie” aired last Wednesday: “11:04:52 PM Sean Campbell: think that solider might be Widmore?”  I love being right!
  • There was no Oceanic Six.  Not that I don’t like that part of the story, it’s that the island story is much more interesting and compelling
  • This episode was a great showcase for Daniel Faraday.  He really came into his own as a leader of the Freighties yet we found out he has a past that doesn’t make him so noble (but who doesn’t on this island?)
  • Like I’ve said before, I like the time flashes on the island because it will allow us to learn so much about the island’s history

What I Didn’t Like

  • There’s this ominous feeling I have about the fate of Desmond and Penny.  i just want them to get away and live happily ever after but now that they are headed to L.A. where a revenge-seeking Ben is, it’s only going to get worse.
  • I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed by what parts of the island history doesn’t get covered in the time flashes.

Lines of the Night:

  • “Gee, I didn’t have time to ask that with Frogurt on fire and all.” – Sawyer
  • “I certainly hate to contradict myself.” – Richard ‘Batmanuel” Alpert response to Locke telling him that Alpert told Locke he’s the leader of the Others 50 years into the future
  • “Hate to bust up the ‘I’m an Other, you’re an Other reunion…” – Sawyer to Juliet and the two captured Others
  • “Your name is Widmore?” Charles Widmore?” “What’s it to you?” “Nothing. Nice to meet you.” – Locke and a young Charles Widmore
  • “Fantastic idea, really inspired” – Daniel Faraday regarding Ellie’s threat to shoot him in front of a leaking hydrogen bomb

What We Learned:

Desmond & The Hunt For Daniel’s Mom

  • Penny & Desmond had a son
  • When Desmond gets to Oxford, there is no record of Daniel Faraday ever having worked there
  • Desmond finds Daniel’s lab and it’s locked with a fumingation sticker on it.  Desmond breaks in
  • Desmond finds some of Daniel’s lab materials, a huge rat maze and  a picture of Daniel with a blonde woman
  • The janitor finds him and tell him that he’s not the first person to come looking for Daniel
  • The janitor says that there’s no record of Daniel because of what he did to some woman
  • Desmond apparently gets the woman’s information from him and goes to see her
  • The woman’s name is Teresa Spencer and Daniel apparently experimented on her. Her consciousness is traveling along the time stream.  She’s bedridden
  • Daniel abandoned her and went to America
  • The woman Teresa’s sister tells Desmond that Charles Widmore funded Daniel’s work and is also taking care of cost of taking care of Teresa
  • Desmond goes to see Charles Widmore and demands the location of Daniel’s mother
  • Charles gives him her address and says that she’s in Los Angeles (one more point in the “Ms. Hawkings is Daniel’s Mother” tally)
  • Widmore tells him to take Penny and go back to wherever they have been hiding and not to get involved in the business with the island
  • Desmond gets back to the boat and tells Penny that Daniel’s mother died but she’s knows he’s lying.
  • They named their son, Charlie (insert “Awww”)
  • Penny knows Desmond will never be able to let all this go (although Desmond said he’d give all this up for her and Charlie) so she agrees that they will all go to Los Angeles (gulp!)

The Island (1954)

  • Daniel, Charlotte, Miles and two redshirts go to the creek which was the meeting spot
  • Charlotte is experiencing double vision and dizziness
  • One of the redshirts set off a mine hooked up to some mines killing himself and another redshirt
  • A bunch of people in army fatigues with arrows and gun and led by a young blonde take the freighties hostage
  • Meanwhile, the people that Locke, Sawyer and Juliet have captured start speaking Latin to one another which Juliet knows and identifies them as Others
  • Apparently, learning Latin is Others 101: It’s the “language of the enlightened”
  • While being led to the Others camp, Miles senses the ghosts of four dead U.S. soldiers, three shot, one dying from radiation poisoning
  • They bring them to Richard Alpert who’s as young and eyeliney as ever.
  • Alpert asks them is they are back for their bomb
  • Juliet starts to convince one of the Others to bring them to Alpert
  • Once he starts talking, the other Other quickly snaps his neck and runs off
  • Locke had a chance to shoot him but he wouldn’t shoot “one of his people”
  • Alpert tells the frieghties that 18 U.S. soldiers set up camp and forced the Others to wipe them out.  Alpert was just following orders
  • They think the freighties are more of those soldiers
  • Daniel offers to disarm the leftover h-bomb
  • When Alpert asks him why he won’t get detonate it, Daniel says that he is in love with Charlotte and would never let anything happen to her
  • Charlotte says he didn’t have to say that but Daniel tells her it’s the truth
  • The young blonde named Ellie escorts Daniel to the bomb
  • Ellie notcies Daniel staring at her. He says she looks like someone
  • The Other who escape Locke shows up in camp and is confident that he was not followed but obviously he doesn’t know Locke
  • Locke is going to walk into the camp but he gives Juliet and Sawyer a ten minute headstart to save Daniel
  • They get to the bomb and Daniel examines it and notices that the h-bomb has a leak
  • Daniel tells her that they should just bury it and everything will be fine.  When she asks why, he slips and tells her because the island is still here 50 years later
  • Sawyer and Juliet show up and disarm Ellie
  • Locke walks into the camp asking for Alpert. The Other who he followed has a gun to Locke’s back
  • When Alpert confronts him, Locke tells him that Jacob sent him. Alpert tells the Other to stand down
  • That Other’s name is Widmore.  CHARLES WIDMORE
  • Locke tries to convince Alpert that he’s the leader of the Others because Alpert told him so.
  • The year they are in is 1954.
  • Locke tells Alpert that he was born on May 30, 1956 and Richard should go see him if he doesn’t believe him (explaining his appearances in Locke’s flashback during “Cabin Fever”)
  • They flash away before Alpert tells Locke how to get off the island
  • We don’t know what time period they are in now
  • Charlotte collapses with a full nosebleed like Minkowki in “The Constant”


  • How long was Widmore an Other?
  • How did Widmore get to the island?
  • How did he get off the island?
  • Who did Ellie remind Daniel of?
  • Is Ellie Ms.Hawking (Ms. Hawking’s first name is Eloise)? (If yes, the same question I asked about Charles Widmore)
  • How long has Richard Alpert been on the island?
  • Why isn’t Richard the official leader of The Others?
  • How come they stayed in 1954 so long?
  • Why is Charlotte the only one succumbing to the time sickness?
  • Why didn’t Teresa Spencer die from the time sickness?
  • Why did Daniel abandon Teresa?
  • Why does Widmore want Desmond and Penny to go back into hiding?
  • Does the fact that Locke appeared in their camp claiming to be their leader 50 years before the plane crash the reason The Others worship him so much?
  • Does Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) have eyeliner tattooed on?

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