Consolation Prizes #5: Clarity

I decided that instead of harping on how it sucks to be single, I’m going to highlight to beautiful things about being single.*  Now I’m not daft, I realize that most of these reasons are going to be variations of the same underlying theme, “no longer having to compromise”, but let me have my fun.

#5 Clarity

You know when you are single and your friends in relationships come to you looking for advice and you are able to give advice that makes perfect sense and is completely rational (even though you know they aren’t going to take it)?

Yet when you are the one in the relationship, you cannot remember any of this sage-like advice you were doling out like Yoda or Buddha.  You cannot even recall that you ever had an opinion about what to do in certain situations.

Because I’ve been single for most of my life, I’ve had to give out years and years of relationship advice.  I could have written a book or taught a class at the Learning Annex.  However, the few times that I had a girlfriend, I was just as confused as everyone else.  Actually more so because I thought I had a rational answer to every situation.

I’ve come to realize that, for the most part, people in relationships aren’t thinking rationally and that it might be required for most relationships to work.  Otherwise, you would break up over dirty socks.

But once you are done with the relationship (and by “done” not crying yourself to sleep about it and freaking out if you think you might bump into to them at a party), you can see everything clearly – why your relationship didn’t work, why it is probably for the best and how not to make those mistakes again…until you find a new significant other.

So for my single brethren, enjoy these clear thoughts about the nature of love & relationships.  Write them down (or start a blog like I did) so when you get lost in a haze of love, you can refer to them and remember what you were like when you were sane.


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