Lost Season Five: The Little Prince


What I Liked:

  • Jin’s alive!  I knew he was alive (because Lost is really crappy about keeping people’s names out of the opening credits) but the second I saw someone floating in the water I knew it was him.
  • Danielle’s expedition! Aside from the four-toed Simpsons’ statue, this was the one period I was really hoping we’d flash back to since Danielle was unceremoniously killed last season.  Hopefully this is one of the flashes that last an entire episode like “Jughead”
  • Josh Holloway has really come a long way as an actor. His scene watching Aaron’s birth and trying to explain it to Juliet were great.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Until the Jin/Danielle reveal, I was about to call this the closest thing we’ve had to a filler episode
  • I don’t know what it is but any episode where Kate is the emotional center of the episode are always inferior to the rest. It’s not that Evangeline Lilly is a bad actress or anything, I’ve never just really cared about Kate.
  • The properties of time travel are getting more confusing.
  • The Oceanic Six storyline is essentially dragging it’s feet until they start making their eventual trip back to the island
  • Jack is WAY too trusting of Ben

Lines of the Night:

  • “At the time, I thought it meant something.” “Did it?” “No. It was just a light.” – Locke & Sawyer about the light Locke saw out of the hatch the night Boone died
  • “Are you sure you’ve never been to the island before?” – Daniel to Miles after Miles says he got a nosebleed too
  • “Don’t you want her to come back?” – Locke to Sawyer about his need to get the Oceanic Six back to the island
  • “Other-others?”- Sawyer about the canoes and the Aijira Airlines water bottles
  • “THANK YOU, LORD!”  “I TAKE IT BACK!” – Sawyer, regarding the life-saving time flash into a rain storm

What We Learned:

Aboard The Searcher:

  • Kate tells Jack that she should claim Aaron as her son saying they’ve lost so many people, she couldn’t bare to lose another one
  • Jack tells her that tomorrow he’s going to try to convince everyone to lie to protect everyone on the island and if she’ll support him. She does.

Los Angeles

  • Kate borrows a suit from Sun and goes to confront the lawyer who wanted the blood sample
  • Sun agrees to watch Aaron
  • After Kate leaves, Sun receives a package containing surveillance photos of Ben and Jack outside the funeral home and a box of chocolates with a gun inside.
  • At the law offices of  Norton & Agostini, Kate tells Norton (Angela Chase’s father for the second time this week) that he’ll exchange the blood samples for chance.  Norton says Kate is in no position to negotiate and is working for a quiet exchange of custody
  • At the hospital, Jack is still taking care of Sayid who survived 3 (!) doses of horse tranquilizer.
  • A hospital administrator comes to see Jack and takes hm out of the room to remind him that he’s still suspended on charges of substance abuse
  • Hurley calls Jack and tell him he’s safe in L.A. County Jail
  • A male nurse (like Gaylord Focker) goes to give Sayid some medicine, he tries to shoot Sayid with more tranquilizers but apparently wasn’t given Sayid’s file and promptly has his ass handed to him
  • When Sayid wants to know who sent him, the murse tells him he has an address in his pocket and Sayid shoots him with the tranquilizers
  • The address is 42 Panorama Crest
  • Ben shows up to the hospital.
  • Sayid shows them the address and Jack recognizes it as Kate’s
  • Jack calls Kate who is parked outside Norton & Agostini.  Despite initial reluctance, Kate tells him when she is and Jack the Hero rushes off to her rescue
  • Sayid and Ben go to get Hurley.  Sayid’s driving.
  • Jack meets up with Kate and Kate convinces him to come with her as she follow Norton
  • They end up at a motel and Kate explains to Jack what’s happening with Aaron.
  • They watch Norton go to a motel room and the person who opens the door is…Carole Littleton, Claire’s mother
  • Kate is ready to give up but Jack goes to talk to her
  • When she lets him in, he starts to explain to Carole that everything Jack and Kate did was to protect Aaron but Carole doesn’t a) know what he’s talking about and b) know who the hell Aaron is.  Ruh Roh, Raggy!
  • Jack runs back to the car and tells Kate that Carole was there to get her settlement check from Oceanic Air and they need to head to the dock.  He also tells her to call Sun and tell her to bring Aaron with her.
  • In a parking garage, Norton pulls up alongside Ben and Sayid.  Norton tells Ben that none of the evidence against Hurley held up and that he’ll have him our of prison shortly.
  • When Sayid asks Ben who that man was, he replies, “That’s my lawyer”
  • At the dock, Jack and Kate show up and so do Sayid and Ben
  • Kate, being infinitely smarter than Jack, immediately puts it together that Ben was the one who sent the lawyer after her.  Ben admits it but reminds her that Aaron really isn’t her son.
  • Meanwhile, Sun is in a car watching with Aaron in the backseat and she puts the gun in her purse as she prepares to face-off with Ben.

The Island:

  • Charlotte has been out for 10 minutes now.  Juliet and Daniel are attending to her
  • Juliet keeps asking Daniel what he knows about Charlotte’s ailment but he feigns partial ignorance
  • He thinks it’s neurological and the flashes are messing with her internal sense of time.  he equates it to a really bad case of jet lag but Juliet’s not buying it
  • Locke tells Sawyer they should head back to the Orchid Station where the donkey wheel is
  • Charlotte wakes up but doesn’t remember Daniel right away
  • While walking through the forest, they see a huge beam of light shooting into the sky.  It’s from when Locke was banging on the hatch the night Boone died/Aaron was born.  Locke recognizes it and decides to avoid it without telling them.
  • Miles starts to get a nosebleed
  • Sawyer goes ahead and witnesses Kate delivering Aaron.  He gets all verkelmpt.
  • They flash away
  • Locke recalls to Sawyer how much of an idiot he was during the Hatch period but wouldn’t change it for anything because it made him who he was now (I’m sure Boone appreciates that notion)
  • Miles tells Daniel he got a nosebleed but doesn’t want to freak anyone out
  • Daniel thinks the sickness has to do with amount of exposure to the island
  • Daniel asks Miles if he’s sure he’s never been to the island before
  • They get back to the beach and the camp is there but everything has been ransacked. The beers are gone and they find Vincent’s leash
  • Their boat is also gone but there are two canoes on the beach.
  • There’s a water bottle with an Aijira Airways logo on it
  • They steal one of the canoes (which conveniently fit 6 people) to go around the island to get to the Orchid
  • Sawyer confesses to Juliet that he saw Kate before the last flash
  • They are being chased and shot at by people in the other canoe
  • Before the other canoe catches up to them, they flash away but now it’s raining and they are still in the canoe.  They head for the shore
  • Back on the beach, Juliet starts to get a nosebleed
  • Locke finds some wreckage in French
  • Elsewhere, there’s a group of people in a raft of people speaking French.
  • They see someone floating in the water. They pull him on their raft
  • IT’S JIN!!!
  • jinThe raft makes it back to the beach and Jin wakes up
  • The woman on the raft takes off her wrap and reveals she’s pregnant
  • When she realizes Jin speaks English, she starts to speak English to him
  • It’s Danielle Rousseau!


  • How did Jin get in range of the island to flash with the rest of them when the freighter was nowhere near the island?  I rarely call bullshit on this show but I’m calling bullshit.  But I’m okay with it because Jin’s alive!
  • Why didn’t Danielle remember Jin in the future?
  • Why has Sun abandoned Ji Yeon?
  • Where are Rose, Bernard, Vincent and the rest of the red shirts?
  • What year was it when they found the canoes?
  • Was there another plane crash?
  • Who’s canoes were those? (The Oceanic Six maybe?)
  • Who was shooting from the other canoe?
  • Why isn’t Daniel telling what he knows about the sickness that’s inflicting everyone?
  • Are the nosebleeds happening in order of most exposure to the island (if Daniel’s theory is correct)?
  • Who is sending men to tranquilize (but not kill) Sayid?
  • Who is Tom Irwin‘s (Dan Norton) agent? He was on 24 and Lost in the same week
  • Has Miles ever been to the island before? Is he Dr. Chang’s child? Is Charlotte (she does speak Korean for no reason)?
  • After Jin worked so hard to learn English, is this time with the French going to totally screw him up?

One thought on “Lost Season Five: The Little Prince

  1. Hi! Sun didn’t abandon Ji Yeon. I recall when Kate first came to see her, Sun said something about how her daughter is in Korean and wanted to see the 2 kids play together later on in the future. So Ji Yeon must be with grandparents or nanny or something on the other side of the world.

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