Movie of the Week: The Reader

Now I have officially seen all the movies nominated for Best Picture.

First the movie.  This was just the most disturbing episode of “Reading Rainbow” ever.  I was just waiting for LeVar Burton to show up at the end and say, ‘See kids, learning to read is important.”

I’m not sure whether I thought Kate Winslet was better here or Revolutionary Road.  The latter was more showy while this performance was more subtle.  Either way, she deserved a nomination.  I thought David Kross (young Michael Berg) should have been nominated as well or at least his performance was worthy of consideration.

Now onto the Best Picture race, I take back my annoyance at The Reader being nominated for best picture out of nowhere but this is who I think should be nominated:

The Reader
Slumdog Millionaire

I think The Curious Case of Benjamin Button should have been nominated for Best Director (David Fincher) but that’s it.


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