24 Season Seven: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

You've just been carjacked by Jack Bauer, you lucky sonuvabitch!

You've just been carjacked by Jack Bauer, you lucky sonuvabitch!

Kill Count: 13 (+5 last night and I missed one last week)

This was hands down the best episode of the season.  This is what I’ve come to expect from this show – Jack Bauer in cold superagent mode, people being put in tough positions having to make even tougher choices and a great ending before the final beeps of the clock.

  • First of all, Dubaku is the dumbest villain in the history of 24.  Jack Bauer has ruined his plans three times (if you count 24: Redemption). He’s getting blackmailed by his girlfriend’s sister (a problem he foolishly decides to take care of himself), his Plan B of kidnapping First Gentleman Henry Taylor lasted all of one hour.  When is Jon Voight and Candyman going to come and put a bullet in his head?
  • Isn’t the President supposed to step down since her husband has been kidnapped since she is acting under duress?
  • Larry: “The rules are what make us better.” Jack: “Not today.”  Larry better get on board.
  • This season has been a continued indictment of the Jack Bauer Way of Doing Things.  Characters are constantly surprised about how nonchalantly Bauer goes about deciding to use family members to obtain information or how suspects end up dead and Jack just keeps going.  Agent Freckles thought she could be Jack Bauer but is having a mental breakdown after really learning how the dark master operates
  • That Matobo look-a-like looked more like Don Cheadle than Matobo.  I don’t know how they thought that plan was going to work.
  • You what happens when a Ex Special Forces soldiers tries to stab Jack Bauer?  The same thing that to everyone else.  Oh I’m sorry.  You dropped your knife.  Allow me to sheath it in your chest.
  • I can’t believe Henry Taylor got shot right in the chest.  Maybe if Jack didn’t do a cool little slide before he shot the last Dubaku guard.

Bauer Moment To Remember:

One of the best exchanges ever on 24

President Taylor: How am I supposed to know where your loyalties lie?
Jack: With all due respect, Madame President–ask around.

One thought on “24 Season Seven: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

  1. I don’t know why they continue to question Jack.

    Why do the Presidents become dumber as time goes by? How are these people getting elected? I think Madame President is a waste. Instead of wasting a good Don Cheadle double she should have sacrificed herself. Madame President is going on my list of people that need to die this season.

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