Lost Season Five: “This Place Is Death”


What I Liked:

  • They didn’t waste time reuniting Jin with the rest of his island time travelers
  • While it was sad that Charlotte died, I’m glad a) they didn’t drag this out any longer and b) she had the decency to spew out a bunch of answers about herself before she expired
  • The return of Christian AND Smokey
  • The plot is moving along quickly

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Sometimes it feels like we’re moving too quickly. It like the first half of Lost, we lingered too long on innocuous details like what Kate did or Jack’s tattoos but now it feels like the writers and producers are running out of time so we’re moving at this breakneck pace.  I kinda miss the days of lingering
  • The constant flashes are making my head hurt

Lines of the Night:

  • “Since when did listening to him get you anywhere worth a damn?” – Christian Shepherd to Locke regarding allowing Ben to move the island
  • “Don’t let them bring them back.  Don’t let them bring her back.  This place is death!” – Charlotte to everyone, particularly Jin
  • “He’s Korean. I’m from Encino,”- Miles to Sawyer when Sawyer asked him to translate Jin’s Korean
  • “You had to say something!”- Sawyer to Juliet when the island flashed away to a time before the Orchid Station existed
  • “Say hello to my son” “Who’s your son?” – Christian and Locke before he leaves the island

What We Learned:


  • Jin is still with the Frenchies
  • He’s tells them he needs to get back to his camp
  • He asks Danielle what year it is.  It’s 1988
  • The Frenchies left from Tahti
  • One of the Frenchies hears a recording from the radio station
  • Jin says he will lead them to the tower
  • Danielle is seven months pregnant
  • Jin hears the monster
  • Nadine gets grabbed and killed
  • Smokey confronts the blondie one and grabs him too
  • It tries to pull him underground but Jin and the rest of the Frenchies try to pull him out of Smokey’s grip.  Smokey wins and blondie loses his arm
  • Blondie’s still alive underground and says that Smokey is gone
  • Alex’s father climbs down the tunnel
  • Danielle attempts to go but Jin tells her not to go down there with the baby
  • Flash
  • Jin spots the rotted remains of Blondie’s arm
  • Jin see the remains of the Frenchie’s camp including Danielle’s music box, a still lit fire and two bodies
  • On the beach, Danielle has the last Frenchie (Alex’s father) at gunpoint
  • Danielle says the tunnel changed all of them.  He convinces her that he’s fine.
  • He says that Smokey is just the security guard protecting the temple
  • She puts her gun down and then Alex’s father tries to shoot Danielle but he’s out of bullets. Opps.  Danielle shoots him
  • Danielle sees Jin and starts shooting at him too
  • Flash
  • Someone has a gun to Jin’s head but this time, it’s Sawyer
  • Jin asks where Sun is
  • They tell them that they made it off the island and Charlotte tells Jin of Locke’s plan to bring them all back to the island in Korean
  • Jin doesn’t seem to pleased with that
  • Daniel didn’t know Charlotte could speak Korean.  She also speaks Klingon
  • Two flashes
  • Charlotte’s down again
  • She wakes up speaking Korean and tell Jin: “Don’t let them bring them back!  Don’t let them bring her back!  This place is death!!”
  • Charlotte’s mind is travelling through different time periods as she starts babbling
  • One of the random things she says is “Oh, turn it up, I love Geronimo Jackson,” a band which has been referenced several times throughout the show
  • Jin, Sawyer, Locke, Miles and Juliet move on without Charlotte and Daniel
  • Before they leave, Charlotte tells them that they can find the Orchid at the well
  • Miles starts to nosebleed
  • They make it to the station and then flash to a pre-station time
  • They find the well
  • Charlotte tells Daniel that she grew up on the island. She left it with her mother and her mother tried to convince her the Charlotte made the whole island up.
  • She never saw her father again.
  • She became and anthropologist to try and find the island again
  • She remembers a crazy guy she saw when she was little who told her that if she ever came back to the island again, she would die.  She thinks that crazy guy was Daniel
  • At the well, Locke is going to climb to the bottom
  • Jin tells Locke that he doesn’t want him to bring Sun back.  He wants Locke to tell Sun his body washed up on the shore and that he’s dead.  Jin gives Locke his wedding ring to show her as proof.  Locke promises.
  • Locke climbs down but the island flashes to a pre-well time and Locke falls to the bottom
  • Sawyer gets a nosebleed
  • Charlotte is getting worse
  • Daniel tells Charlotte about his meeting with Desmond anf how he’s going to find his mother
  • Too late. Charlotte dies
  • Locke breaks his leg (compound fracture…gross)
  • Christian is at the bottom of the well to help him the rest of the way
  • Christian reminds Locke that they told HIM that he had to move the island not Ben
  • Christian tells him that there is a woman living in LA.  He should gather all his friends and she’ll help them get back to the island
  • Christian confirms that Locke is going to have to die
  • The donkey wheel is off it’s axis
  • Locke pushes the wheel
  • Before Locke flashes away, Christian tells Locke to say hello to his son. Locke asks who his son is but flashes away before he gets an answer

Los Angeles:

  • While in the car getting ready to shoot Ben, Sun gets a call from her mother (?) and Ji Yeon asking when she’s coming home
  • Sun tells Ji Yeon that she’s met a new friend for her, referring to Aaron
  • Sun gets out the car the draws her gun on Ben
  • Ben tells Sun that Jin is alive and he can prove it
  • Ben tells Sun that he will take her to a person with proof that Jin is alive, the same person who will help them get to the island
  • Kate leaves with Aaron
  • Sayid leaves and threatens Ben (and Jack?) that he better never see them again
  • Sun, Ben and Jack head to the mysterious person
  • While stuck in traffic, Jack apologizes to Sun for leaving Jin behind and that given what Ben has done to Kate, he’d probably want to shoot Ben himself
  • Ben does not take that very well and pulls the car over.
  • Ben yells to Jack saying they don’t know what he’s had to do to keep him and his friends safe
  • They reach a church
  • Ben hands Sun Jin’s wedding ring as proof he’s alive. He says he got it from Locke.
  • Apparently Locke never went to see Ben but Ben went to see Locke (You gotta be careful how you phrase your questions, Jack)
  • Desmond shows up at the church saying he’s there looking for Faraday’s mother
  • They go in the church and Eloise Hawking is lighting candles
  • She asks Ben where is everyone else and he says this was the best he could do on such short notice
  • Eloise says this will have to do for now.  Let’s get started.


  • Is everything screwed up with the island because a) Ben moved in the island and not Locke, b) the Oceanic Six left or c) a combination of both?
  • if it’s “A”, did Ben know this was going to happen?
  • If Christian says that no one should trust Ben, what is Ben’s endgame in trying to get the Oceanic Six back to the island?
  • Who has to go back? Just the Oceanic Six? Desmond?  Ji Yeon? Lapidus?
  • Who is Charlotte’s father?
  • Why does Daniel warn little Charlotte about coming to island considering the rules?
  • Was Daniel’s breaking of the rules in her regard what ultimately led to her sickness?
  • How did Charlotte know about the well?
  • What is Smokey guarding at the Temple?
  • What was the recording that the Frenchies discovered? Who left that one?
  • What did the Frenchies find in the hole that Smokey went into?
  • What sickness did the Frenchies get that Danielle didn’t since it’s clear that it isn’t the time sickness that killed Charlotte?
  • What does Daniel think his mother is going to be able to do?
  • What has Ben done to protect the Oceanic Six? Who is he protecting them from?
  • Who is winning the snark off so far: Sawyer or Miles?

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