Movie of the Week: Two Lovers

If this is Joquain Phoenix’s last film role, it would be a damn shame.

This was a great movie filled with great performances expescially Phoenix and Isabella Rossellini.  Phoenix play Leonard, a manic-depressive who starts the movie trying to commit suicide.  He’s clearly struggling to get by in every aspect of his life.  You don’t get the impression that Leonard was written a particular way and that Phoenix infused him with little twitches and mannerisms.

He finds himself torn between two women, the safe comfortable woman who loves him despite himself, Sandra (Vinessa Shaw) and the unavailble exciting typical not-good-for-you woman, Michelle (Gwenyth Paltrow).  It’s a love triangle that everyone should be familar with in their own life: the person who wants you vs. the person you want but doesn’t want you back.

You feel bad for Sandra who just wants to be with Leonard but you can see how alive Michelle makes him feel.  It’s a screwd up situation but completely relatable.


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