Lost Season Five: 316


What I Liked:

  • The gang is back together on the island!
  • I was worried we’d spend another 2 episodes of Jack trying to re-convince the Oceanic Six to join him on the plane but nope.  Everyone just mysteriously showed up
  • The way the episodes have been structured this season, they work much better when they focus on the island folks OR the Oceanic Six as opposed to flashing back and forth
  • Ms Hawking’s Dharma information dump since it seems this might be the last time we see her
  • The sexy Zuleikha Robinson (Federal Marshall Illana who accompanied Sayid) has arrived.  I kinda love her

What I Didn’t Like:

  • I missed the island folks (I hope this is the last time I’ll ever have to say that)
  • We still don’t know how going back to the island is going to save everyone else
  • A part of me feels like this episode was a little rushed but I am glad that we’re already back to the island
  • We didn’t find out how Sayid and Hurley ended up on the plane but hopefully that will be rectified
  • I loved that Hurley was reading a Spanish version of “Y The Last Man.” Brian K. Vaughn is one of the writers now
  • I’m worried about Penny

Lines of the Night:

  • “I wish… you had believed me.” – Locke’s suicide note to Jack
  • “You say the island’s not done with me? Well, I’m done with the island.” – Desmond to Ms. Hawking
  • “Is he telling the truth?” “Probably not” – Jack and Ms. Hawking regarding Ben
  • “These people, they are just using us. They are playing some kind of game and we are just the pieces. Whatever she tells you to do, ignore it.” – Desmond to Jack regarding Ms. Hawking
  • “We’re on the same plane, it doesn’t mean we are together.”- Kate
  • “How can you be reading?” “My mother taught me.” – Jack and Ben on Aijira Airlines Flight 316
  • “You tell me Jack—you’re the one who got to stay after school with Ms. Hawking.” – Ben to Jack
  • “And the other people on this plane, what’s going to happen to them?” “Who cares?” – Jack and Ben
  • We’re not going to Guam, are we?”- Frank Lapidus

What We Learned:

  • Jack wakes up on the island liked he did in the pilot episode in Season One
  • He finds Hurley and Kate in the water
  • 46 hours earlier, Jack, Ben, Sun and Desmond are in the church with Ms. Hawking
  • Ms. Hawking takes them to the pendulum room and reveals that this place is a DHARMA station called The Lamp Post and was created to find where and when the island would appear.
  • Using the formula, Ms. Hawking has found a window for them to get back on the island but they need to take Aijira Airlines Flight 316 to Guam.  They have to recreate the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 as best as possible
  • Desmond leaves angrily saying that he’s done with the island even thought Ms. Hawing tells him that the island isn’t done with him
  • Ms. Hawking pulls Jack aside and gives hi, John Locke’s suicide note.  She tells Jack that John is going to act as a proxy for Christian Shepherd and that Jack must give Locke something of Christian’s
  • Sun leaves before agreeing either way
  • Ben tells Jack he has to keep a promise to an old friend and tie up a loose end and that they’ll pick up Locke’s body on the way to the airport
  • Jack gets Christian’s shoes from his grandfather Ray
  • When Jack gets home, Kate is waiting for him in bed. She agrees to go with him but he must never ask where Aaron is
  • In the morning, Jack gets a call from Ben who has had the shit beat out of him (again) and he asks Jack to go pick up Locke’s body from the butcher shop
  • At the butcher shop, Jack puts Christian’s shoes on Locke and sticks the suicide note in Locke’s suit pocket
  • At the airport, Jack again has problems getting the body on the plane. A man in line behind him gives Jack his condolences. While at the ticket counter, Jack sees Kate, Sun and Sayid (accompanied by a Federal Marshall) heading to the plane
  • Hurley, carrying a guitar case, buys all the remaining available seats on the plane so no one else can get on
  • In the front of the plane is Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Ilana (the Federal Marshall), Sun and the man who was in line behind Jack
  • A stewardess hands Jack Locke’s suicide note
  • Before the door closes, Ben gets on the plan with a sling around his arm and tons of bruises
  • The captain of the flight makes an announcement and it’s Frank Lapdius!
  • Frank comes out to see Jack and notices the other Oceanic Six people on the plane and says “We’re not going to Guam, are we?”
  • After talking to Ben, Ben goes to the front of the plane and Jack finally reads Locke’s suicide note which reads “Jack, I wish you had believed me. JL.”
  • Plane starts to experience turbulence and then there’s a white flash and Jack wakes up on the island.
  • He gets to Hurley and Kate and neither can recall a plane crash or anything
  • A DHARMA van pulls up and a man comes out pointing a gun
  • It’s Jin (!) wearing a  DHARMA jumpsuit and his sunburn is completely healed


  • Where’s Aaron?
  • What favor did Ben have to keep and loose end did he have to tie up? (Please don’t be Penny! Please don’t be Penny!)
  • How did Ben end up beaten up (Please don’t be Desmond! Please don’t be Desmond!)
  • How did Hurley know what flight to be on?
  • What’s up with the guitar case that Hurley was carrying?
  • Is it okay that Aaron wasn’t on the flight?
  • How did Sayid end up in custody and why would he need to be transported to Guam?
  • What happened with Sun between the time she left the Lamp Post and the time she arrived at the airport?
  • How did Ms. Hawking end up with Locke’s suicide note?
  • How did Jack and company end up on the island sans a plane crash?
  • What year is it when they get on the island? It’s the 70’s because it’s the DHARMA era but how close to the Purge are we?
  • What else does the island want with Desmond?
  • Who came up with the formula that helped Ms. Hawking find the island?
  • Is Widmore aware of the Lamp Post and, if so, how come he hasn’t used that to get back to the island?
  • Who was the man who gave his condolences to Jack and is seated with the Oceanic Six?
  • Did Locke really kill himself?
  • It was 46 hours later when Jack and company made it to the island but Ms. Hawking said they only had 36, what happened in those 10 hours?
  • How is all of them returning to the island going to help especially considering they all didn’t return?
  • What did happen to everyone else on Aijira Flight 316?
  • Why didn’t Frank land the plane the second he saw those Oceanic Six fuckers?

One thought on “Lost Season Five: 316

  1. What’s up with the guitar case that Hurley was carrying?

    I heard that the guitar was the same type as the one Charlie had. Maybe it was a proxy for Charlie? Or just a flotation device?

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