24 Season Seven: 5:00PM – 6:00PM


Kill Count: 14 (+1)

Well, thank God this part of the story is over.  Dubaku was never a worthy adversary for Bauer and Co.  Now, it’s Candyman time!

  • Continuing his trend as dumbest 24 villain ever, Dubaku decides to take Marika with him despite talking to the Feds.  I don’t even think “pussy whipped” can describe this man
  • Next time you convince your girlfriend to join you in exile, make sure she has her seat belt on.
  • If there is one thing that’s been bugging me, it’s the dehumanization of Jack Bauer.  Yes, Jack was always willing to make the tough choices (ask Behrooz Araz*) but he wasn’t so cold as to not try and save a woman who’s life he endangered from a burning car.  That’s definitely not in the Jack Bauer Playbook
  • However, bringing a suspect back to consciousness with epinephrine so Jack can interrogate them until they are as close to death as possible IS in the Jack Bauer Playbook
  • I’m glad I was right about Erika being a mole.  i was just wrong that she was acting alone
  • Sean made two fatal mistakes: he overestimated the skills of his dumb fling and underestimated the skills of Chloe O’Brien. Now he’s in the one place you don’t want to be in 24, an interrogation room.
  • Of course, one of the moles is working for Senator Red Forman
  • Now that the idiot Dubaku is taken care of and his moles revealed, Tony’s back ad the real fun begins.  The previews for next week’s two-hour (!) episode look epic.
  • If Agent Freckles really read Jack’s file, she would have known that bringing up what happened to Teri is an instant death sentence.

Bauer Moments To Remember:

Bauer: You ever pull your weapon on me again, you better intend to us it.
Agent Freckles: I did.
Bauer: Heh

* I still think the coolest thing ever would be for Behrooz to come back as a main villain.  Maybe for the final season of 24.

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