Lost Season Five: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham


What I Liked:

  • As much as I gush over Michael Emerson (Ben) and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Terry Quinn is really the best actor on Lost and this episode was essentially his Emmy reel.  There are two great kinds of Locke performances Quinn gives: confident Locke and wavering Locke and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen wavering Locke.
  • We finally got to hear Charles Widmore’s version of the Linus vs. Widmore battle although neither are being completely honest.  (Speaking of that, watch this video)

What I Didn’t Like:

  • If it wasn’t for Quinn’s performance and a couple of shocks, this episode could have been filed under the “stuff we already knew”
  • I get the feeling that this is the last we’ve seen of Walt which is good because the kid obviously stopped going to his acting lessons but does that mean the ‘Walt is special” questions are never going to be answered.

Lines of the Night:

  • “I remember dying” – Locke
  • “They’re not The Others to me; they’re my people.” – Charles Widmore
  • “…There’s a war coming, John,  and if you’re not back on the island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.” – Widmore to Locke about why he is important
  • “Your parents had a sense of humor when they named you.” – Widmore to Locke
  • ”Have you ever stopped to consider that these delusions that you’re ‘special’ aren’t real? That you’re a lonely old man who crashed on an Island?’ – Jack to Locke regarding Locke’s “specialness”
  • “Your father says ‘Hello'” – Locke to Jack
  • “He didn’t look dead to me.” – Locke to Jack regarding Christian
  • “I’ll miss you John — I really will” – Ben to Locke’s body
  • “Do you know him?” “He’s the man who killed me.” -Caesar and Locke regarding Ben

What We Learned:

  • Locke is alive!
  • Aijira Flight 316 did crash. It landed on the Hydra island (when Jack, Kate and Sawyer were held captive)
  • The canoes Locke and company found were from the Hydra Island
  • Frank Lapidus and “some woman” took off in one of the canoes
  • Moving the island drops the mover in the same spot in Tunisia
  • Widmore remembers meeting Locke when he was 17
  • Charles Widmore was leader of “The Others” (he doesn’t call them that) for three decades until Ben tricked him into moving the island exiling him
  • Three years has passed sicne the Oceanic Six have left the island
  • Charles sent the frieghter crew to extract Ben so Locke could protect the island
  • Widmore gave Locke the resources to find the Oceanic 6 including Matthew Abaddon
  • Sayid (no longer in Ben’s employ now building houses), Hurley (in the institution seeing dead people) and Kate (post-Jack) all said no
  • Locke saw Walt, lied to him about Michael’s fate and decided he’d been through enough
  • Helen died of a brain aneurysm on April 6, 2006
  • At the cemetery, Abaddon is shot and killed
  • Locke drove off in a panic but was hit by two cars
  • Locke wakes up in the hospital Jack worked at (mid crazy man beard) and he said no as well
  • Locke told Jack that his father said hello and described Christian
  • Locke in a hotel wrote his suicide note and prepared to hang himself
  • Ben busted into the room and stopped him saying that it was important that he lived and that Jack has already booked  ticket to Sydney so he must have convinced him.
  • Locke told Ben that he needed to go see Eloise Hawking and that Jin was alive and he had promised Jin that he wouldn’t bring Sun back
  • Ben strangled Locke to death
  • Ben pocketed Jin’s wedding ring
  • Back on the Hydra Island, Locke caught Caesar going through Dharma files
  • Caesar told him that Hurley and others disappeared off the plane when the bright light flashed
  • Caesar took Locke to the room where the injured passengers were being kept and Ben is in there.


  • How is Locke alive?
  • Why did Caesar hide the shotgun?
  • What is it about the specific spot in Tunisia?
  • So who’s the villain: Benjamin Linus or Charles Widmore (Ben definitely added more weights to his side of the scale)?
  • If Widmore remembered meeting John back in 1954 and sent Locke on the walkabout via Matthew Abaddon, how much does Widmore have to do with Ocenanic 815 crashing?
  • How did Ben dupe Widmore into moving and being exiled from the island?
  • If “The Others” protected the island for 30 years before he was exiled, a) protecting it from whom? and b) who was on the island before them?
  • What’s the deal with Caesar? What is he looking for? What is he really doing on the island?
  • What’s Ilana’s story? She seems pretty calm for someone who a) crashed on a plane and b) lost her prisoner
  • Which woman went off with Lapidus in the canoe? (Probably Sun but shouldn’t she have flashed off the plane like Jack, Kate, Hurley and presumably Sayid?)
  • What is so special about Locke?
  • Was the moment the Walt dreamt and described to Locke (Locke on the island in a suit surrounded by people who want to hurt him) the moment on the beach at the beginning of the episode or a moment we haven’t seen yet?
  • Is the Hydra Island (where the plane, Locke and the Aijira 316 survivors are) in the same time period as the main island?
  • Did Lapidus land the plane on the same runway Sawyer and Kate were walking on while they were being held captive on The Hydra island? If so, was that runway built for that express purpose?
  • Who else has Abbadon helped “get to where they needed to be”?
  • Did Locke hang himself because he gave up or because Richard told him he had to die?
  • Why did Ben kill Locke after he mentioned Eloise and Jin when Locke was about to kill himself? Was it because he didn’t need him or was it important that Ben kill Locke himself?
  • Does every black character on this show have to die? Rose better make it to the end.

One thought on “Lost Season Five: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

  1. more questions:

    Why can Ben and Richard get on and off the island but Widmore can’t?

    Shouldn’t Widmore know Eloise too? Why hasn’t she helped him find the island?

    Wasn’t Eloise on the island when Widmore was 17? Wasn’t she the one holding the gun on the time traveler?

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