24 Season Seven: 6:00PM – 8:00PM


Kill Count: 15 (+1)

Today I’m just going to post a text message conversation I had with Peanut after watching last night’s two hour episode.

Peanut: I heart Rory Cochrane! Walker is a moron. I have more opinions, but I want to make sure you watched before I share

Me: Oh God, Agent Freckles. All her actions are based on one principle: What Would Bauer NOT Do?

Peanut: No shit.

Me: Jack should have put the president in one of his creepy chokeholds: “Don’t fight it, Madame President”

Peanut: Seriously. Are there any montages of his date rapist scenes?

Me: There should be. We should get right on that.

Peanut: And what kind of terrorist has a hugh picture of his target under a scroll of maps & blueprints?

Me: Seriously! Did any of his men NOT know what the White House looked like? They weren’t even going through the front door.

Peanut: I know! So ridiculous! And Dubaku Jr. is a dumbass if he can’t shoot Walker mid-doggie paddle when he’s in a boat w/ a semi-automatic or whatever he was packin’!


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