24 Season Seven: 8:00PM – 9:00PM

His name...was Bill Buchanan

His name...was Bill Buchanan

Kill Count: 21 (+6!)

Before we get into the details, let’s have a moment of silence for a real (well fictional) American hero, Bill Buchanan.  He knew he wasn’t man enough to be Jack Bauer (who is though, Almeida aside) so he sacrificed his life so Jack would live to torture and kill another hour.

  • Juma’s “reign on the top was short like leprechauns” (Christopher Wallace).  I thought he had staying power like Habib Marwan (the greatest 24 main* villain ever) but he didn’t even make it through the first commercial break of his third episode.
  • I love the look on Bill’s face as he shot the gun.
  • Is anyone going to call Karen Hayes?
  • I wished “America! Fuck Yeah” had started playing when Jack and Super Secret Service Agent defeated Juma’s men and saved the President
  • That said, you are going to arrest Jack less then 15 minutes after he saved your ass? I think it’s time for another “Really!?! with Seth & Amy”
  • How many times has Jack been taken into custody this season?
  • Coach Kilmer (Hodges) barely cared that Juma failed as he chills in his bunker at an undisclosed location
  • Wait! I wanna know what happened to Martha Logan. Nut house? Suicide? In prison for President Logan’s murder?
  • Larry suspended Agent Freckles! Countdown to her complete turn to the Bauer Side.  The season should end with Bauer, Almeida and Freckles riding off into the sunset to get into to more 24 hours adventures.
  • My favorite scene was when Larry put his hands on Jack before he was going to interogate Ryan.  He looked at him like Buddy Revell from Three O’ Clock High (one of my favoite 80’s movies of all-time)
  • Olivia Taylor’s dressing down of Chief of Staff Ethan was awesome and she was right.  Could she be the chosen one?  Could she be white Sherry Palmer?
  • The first time Hodges mentioned his assassin Quinn, the first thing I thought was “R.I.P. Quinn” but he one-upped Jack this time. But he left him alive so I reserve my R.I.P. for a future post.
* Nina Myers is the greatest 24 villain of all-time

2 thoughts on “24 Season Seven: 8:00PM – 9:00PM

  1. Yeah, I agree. I thought Quinn was a dead man, but he’s just putting off the inevitable! RIP Bill Buchanan

  2. On the plus side, at least people are starting to understand more about who Jack Bauer is. Upon hearing that Jack was going to talk to Red’s chief of staff, Voight astutely notes that Bauer will get him to tell everything. At least someone is taking notes. Although since they left him alive, clearly they didn’t pay quite enough attention in class…

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