Movie of the Week: Watchmen: The IMAX Experience

Melanism’s Journal. March 12th, 1:13 PM. Saw adaptation of one of the greatest graphic novels ever written.  Hrrm. It was good but could have been better. Casting was good for most part. Funniest sex scene ever. Was it unintentional? Hrrm.

What I Liked:

  • Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach.  Perfect.  I thought he’d be perfect when he was cast and he didn’t let me down.  My favorite part was Rorschach in prison which was also one of my favorite parts in the book
  • Jefferey Dean Morgan as The Comedian.  He was the best person on the screen whenever he was on the screen.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough
  • Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan.  Since it was more of a vocal performance than a physical one, he sold Manhattan’s detachment very well.  Although I couldn’t help but stare at his mouth every tiem he spoke. The timing was just a fraction of a second off but it kept distracting me.
  • Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl. It would have been better if he as paunchier but he was still good.  He definitely saved up some of his desperation from Little Children.
  • Zack Synder’s vision.You can knock him for whatever he left out of the movie but you have to give him a ton of credit for what he accomplished here.  Visually this movie was stunning and he created an immersible world which was one of the things I was worried about coming in.  Also, probably on of the best opening credit sequences EVER,

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Matthew Goode as Ozymandias. It’s a shame because I like Matthew Goode (check out The Lookout) but he was too slight.  I know Snyder didn’t want to cast any stars but this was the role that Jude Law was meant to play.
  • Malin Ackerman as Silk Spectre II. I tried to give her a chance.  She was good when the scene called for her to be playful like most of her scenes with Patrick Wilson.  But anytime we needed emotion from her, ugh.  She was just reading her lines.
  • The makeup. Old Silk Spectre and Richard Nixon looked horrible
  • The slow-motion. It was overdone.  It was cool in 300 but here you were just like “‘C’mon, let’s get moving here”
  • The Sex Scene in the Owl Ship. Really?!? Even if this was played for laughs, it was still horrible to watch
  • The music selection.  Not the score because that was good but aside from Bob Dylan song from the opening credits, the music supervisor should be shot.
  • Gratuitous violence. I can’t believe I’m saying this but some of the violence was over the top. Like the bone cracking and squirting blood like Kill Bill.  What was stupid is Snyder found any part he could to amplify the violence but when it came time to show the carnage in New York, he pussied out (Yeah, yeah, 9/11.  It’s a movie. We’ll live)
  • The end.  No, this isn’t where I bitch about the squid-less end (like Hitler) I think what the writers came up with works better than the squid ending would have for this movie.  But the twist at the end (“35 minutes ago”) happened so quickly, it barely had time to register.  When I read the graphic novel and got to that part, I literally stopped reading and was like “Wait, what just happened?” I think that’s the problem with the film vs. the book.  With the book, you are reading everything at your pace but with the movie, you’re reading it at someone else’s pace,  Also, it would have been better with Dr. Manhattan said the “nothing ever ends” line to Ozymandias (as opposed to Laurie saying it to Dan) as it was setup in the book.
  • The IMAX screen at AMC 25 on 42nd Street. It was big but doesn’t compare to the one in Lincoln Square.  Accept no substitutes!

2 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Watchmen: The IMAX Experience

  1. I kept thinking that the guy who played the Comedian was Javier Bardem (I found out later that it’s actually Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but the two actors definitely look alike

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