24 Season Seven: 9:00PM – 10:00PM


R.I.P. Quinn

Kill Count: 22 (+1)

If Jack wasn’t the greatest government agent in the history of the civilized world, he could have been the greatest pitcher or hitter in the history of the civilized world.

  • Just when I was willing to give Larry credit for not assuming that Jack killed Burnett, he goes and assumes that he was going on a killing spree after Senator Red Forman was killed by Quinn
  • The second Jack called Agent Freckles, her turn to the dark side was complete.  (P.S. I’m glad this didn’t happen)
  • Am I the only one who thinks Coach Kilmer (Hodges) is going to put a bullet in Mr. Seat’s head before the season in through?
  • As Ethan was apologizing to the President about the Bauer/Burnett, you could see Olivia sharpening her teeth.  Once that information got “leaked,” my suspicions were confirmed.  if you went to Olivia’s house and went in her basement, you would find a shrine with candles surrounding this photo.
  • Morris was partly responsible for a nuke.  I think he can betray Bauer.  He was just afraid for his life.
  • That said, you think he would make sure that Chloe and, more importantly, Jack never found out he helped the FBI track him down.
  • The second Bauer trusted Senator Red Forman, I started counting down how long it would be before Quinn took him out.  It took about 10 seconds.
  • John Quinn was black ops.  Operative word in that sentence: “was”
  • I don’t know what pissed me off more: the fact that Jack has Tony’s cell phone number this whole time or the fact that Tony was sitting at a french coffeeshop reading a newspaper having a cappuccino?  I think it was the latter.
  • Why is Larry giving out shoot-to-kill orders on Bauer?  He gets pissed every time Jack kills a suspect and now he wants to kill Jack.
  • I don’t remember what the conversation they had went but in summary:
    • Tony: Hello
    • Jack: Tony, it’s Jack
    • Tony: Jack! Have you heard this AIG nonsen…
    • Jack: Tony! Get the guns. Get the car. It’s on!
    • Tony: But Jack…
  • Next week looks like another Bauer/Almeida Production.

Bauer Moment To Remember: That animated gif above says it all.


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