The Chronicles of Sean: The St. Brigid’s Era

I got tired of just posting Lost, 24 and movie reviews so I made myself a little project that should keep me occupied.

I was beginning to wonder how I got the way I am so I came up with this. I broke my life down into six or so “eras” starting with grade school (I have little to no recollection of my life prior to that).

youngpeopledaycampEra: The St. Brigid’s Era

Years: 1983 – 1991

Highlights (in no particular order):

  • Little League Baseball for five seasons. One championship. One playoff team. Three horrendous last place teams
  • First kiss at age 10 (last day of Young People’s Day Camp)
  • Met my current active longest running friendship (Eric, 1st grade)
  • Bought my first comic book: “Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #1”
  • Shoplifted for the first time: A WWF Magazine with Randy “Macho Man” Savage
  • Learned wrestling was fake: Survivor Series in 1990, my cousin replayed Ultimate Warrior horrible acting slow motion replay
  • Went to my first baseball game: a Mets game
  • Victimized by “The Kill Sean Club” in the 5th Grade (Full story – Parts I, II & III)
  • Went to my first movie: Transformers The Movie (I cried when Optimus Prime died)
  • Went to England for the first and second time
  • Got into a bike accident when I was 13 that left a scar under my right eye (caused by my abnormally thick glasses)
  • Got my ear pierced at 13 by my friend Lance (oldest inactive friend)
  • Went to camp with the sole purpose of learning how to swim.  Never did.
  • Took me four years to get Student of the Month honors despite having one of the highest grades in the class. Teachers complained that I questioned them too much.
  • Went to Jamaica for maternal grandmother’s funeral at 13
  • Shaved my head for the first time (Actually I should say I had my head shaved against my will)
  • Was awarded with a $500 Bond at graduation for an essay entitled “What America Means To Me” I plagiarized the opening paragraph from one of my best friend’s throwaway drafts.
  • Was the only one from St. Brigid’s to go to St. Mary’s High School

Permanent Traits Developed During This Era

  • Television: I had a television in my room since I was about 10 years old (maybe younger). Also, I was a latchkey kid so all I did growing up is sit in front of the TV until someone made me do homework
  • Comic Books: I read my brother’s comic books off and on but it wasn’t until my father’s friend gave me a drawer full of comics when he moved away that I became obsessed to this day
  • Procrastination: I was never good at going home and doing my homework.  I would close my door, set out my books (in case my father came in) and listen to the radio or read comic books for however long I thought it would be believable that I was doing homework
  • Sports: I became a fan of the Yankees because when my mother used to leave me at my aunt’s house in Brooklyn, all she watched were Yankees games.  Also, my father gave me a Don Mattingly bat he got from work (I think).  I became a Knicks fan because of Patrick Ewing (he was Jamaican and looked like some family members. I became a Giants fan because Lawrence Taylor was awesome (I would later find out his awesomeness was tied to his drug habit)
  • England: When I was 10, I went to England for the whole summer because my trip to Disney World was cancelled at the last minute. Despite being depressed the whole time I was there, it did lead to an love of all things English (slavery aside)
  • Dominance of Female over Male Friends: If all your male friends in grade school formed a club who’s sole purpose was tormenting you, you’d be leery of them too.
  • Horror Movies: My father used to let me stay up late and watch horror movies. In my room. By myself.  What the fuck was wrong with him?  Do you know how long I slept with a nightlight on?  That said, I loved Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.  My father even took me to the theater to see a couple of Freddy Krueger movies. Seriously, questionable parenting.

Next up: The St. Mary’s Era!


3 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Sean: The St. Brigid’s Era

  1. you had your own tv? we got a tv in our room (me & my 2 sisters) in middle school but it was black and white and it had those 2 large buttons. remember UHF? we barely got any channels. the ones that came in were fuzzy.

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