24 Season Seven: 10:00PM – 11:00PM

Sigh. Damnit.

Sigh. Damnit.

Kill Count: 25 (+3)

The Hart Foundation. The Legion of Doom. The British Bulldogs.  Everyone loves a great tag team and that’s what Tony and Jack are. I could watch an entire show of Tony and Jack being outnumbered and saying “Fuck backup.”

  • Wouldn’t it have been hilarious if Jack or Tony – two wanted men – got pulled over for not using headsets?
  • I’m glad the First Gentleman survived.  I was worried that there was going to be an ominous male nurse reading his chart after hanging up the phone
  • Ethan fell victim not only to Olivia (WHITE SHERRY PALMER!) but to Larry Moss’ idiotic assumptions of Jack’s guilt.  If would have been nice if Larry called Ethan and said, “Remember all that stuff I said about it being your fault those two guys were dead? I was wrong.”
  • I love that look Tony gave Jack when Carl wanted a promise that they’ve got his back like,”I ain’t promising you shit!”
  • Tony: “He was dead the minute he stepped out that door. You and I both know that”
  • Oh my God, the Wizard of Oz finally gave the scarecrow a brain! I wondered how long it would take Larry to call Renee and ask why Jack wanted to see the senator.  Obviously she wouldn’t be complicit in Jack assassinating a U.S. senator.
  • You know who I blame for this entire mission going FUBAR with Jack getting exposed to the biochemicals, Tony being held hostage and Starkwood getting the weapon back? Renee.  She finally got in Jack’s head and he saved that tool Carl who really deserved to die for agreeing to help terrorists anyway.
  • There was a lot of “Damnits” this episode but would have been awesome if as Jack was sitting on the truck thinking how he might be dying and just quietly whispered one more”Damnit”

Bauer Moment to Remember:

Tony: Don’t do it, Jack. It’ll be 2 against 10.
Jack: 2 against 9.



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