24 Season Seven: 11:00PM – 12:00AM

Jack would have never fallen for that shit

Jack would have never fallen for that shit

Kill Count: 25 (0 although Agent Freckles died a little on the inside)

Say it ain’t so.  Have we finally reached the last day of Jack Bauer’s life? Was Kiefer just fucking with us?

  • Oh my God! The first shower Jack has had in the history of 24 including when he was held captive for two years by the Chinese and he was only given time to shave and get a new shirt
  • If Hodges read his file, he would have killed Tony already
  • What’s White Sherry playing at? Who’s this guy she wants to make Chief of Staff?
  • I bet Agent Freckles wouldn’t be crying if she found out Agent Moss was infected.  She’d be like, “Tough break, Larry.  Do you know where Jack is?”
  • White Sherry wants Super Secret Service Agent Aaron to be her personal bodyguard.  This can’t end well for Aaron.
  • How does the government allow anyone to amass 1500 mercs in one place?  They freak out over hick militias.
  • Jack Bauer: 0. Lethal bioweapon: 1.  Jack’s probably going to sweat out the toxin chasing after Hodges
  • Glad that no one has any idea why Hodges is doing this
  • Nice plug for Cisco WebEx
  • Why won’t Agent Moss let Jack die a warrior’s death like he deserves so he can go to Valhalla with all the other gods?
  • Where did Tony even come from to knock out that guard in front of the warehouse?
  • Well, well, well…Mr. Seaton has some tricks up his sleeves.  I’m surprised the warehouse didn’t blow up with them all inside.
  • Well, luckily Agent Freckles and Bauer stayed behind.  I wonder how this is all going to play out…

Bauer Moment To Remember:

Jack (after the CDC people freak out after he takes off his shirt): “It’s not a reaction to the weapon. I already had these scars.”


One thought on “24 Season Seven: 11:00PM – 12:00AM

  1. HAH- I noticed that too regarding Tony coming from nowhere. They arrived in a vehicle, yet he came from behind the guy to take him by surprise.

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