The Beer Challenge


So yesterday, for no particular reason, I decided to give myself a little life challenge.

Starting today until Memorial Day, I’m not drinking any beer with two exceptions:

  • Competitive Drinking (flip cup, beer pong) – I have a beer tournament to win in May and I’ll need the ZogSports happy hours for practice
  • Baseball games – If I get a chance to go to the new Yankees Stadium during the regular season, I’m having a beer. I can’t even fathom asking for a Coke or water.

Now, I’m still allowed to drink alcohol but there are two risks with that:

  • More expensive.  I can barely afford the amount of beer I drink and I prefer PBR
  • Vomit. Beer NEVER makes me puke.  I can’t say the same about wine and hard liquor

So wish me luck.  Maybe I’ll lose some weight or recover some brain cells.

*This is NOT an April Fools joke.  I promise

2 thoughts on “The Beer Challenge

  1. I like how it ends on Memorial Day — so you have all summer to make up for the next 6-8 weeks.

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