24 Season Seven: 1:00AM – 2:00AM

Unfortunately Jack wasn't trying to smother her to death

Unfortunately Jack wasn't trying to smother her to death

Kill Count: 25 (0)

I didn’t think there could be anything worse than Kim Bauer returning to 24.  What could be more tragic?  Then the end came and knowing that Tony Almeida is going to catch a Jack Bauer special* greatly saddens me.

  • Only Jack Bauer can call the President a liar and she’ll sit there and take it
  • I wonder if Greg (Hodges’ stooge who played Tony) still has his immunity deal
  • All of this so that Starkwood can make a new business pitch to the President?
  • What was Hodges going to do if the Secret Service didn’t hold him back? Hit the President? She’s already caught one backhand today.
  • Wait! Now there ‘s ANOTHER boss.  This season is turning into Super Mario Bros. Where and who is King Koopa!?
  • Jack’s forgetting things now.  Will he remember how to kill when the time comes?
  • Kim Bauer is in the FBI.  I predict that the virus will have an outbreak or Hodges’ men will storm the office.  Something bad has to happen while she’s there or that’s not Kim Bauer.
  • Did she ever marry that douche psychiatrist in Season Five played by Soul Man?
  • Despite being Sean Avery’s sloppy seconds, Elisha Cuthbert still looks good
  • Is this the longest Bauer has gone without killing someone, brandishing some sort of weapon or weaponizing an innocuous item?
  • That FBI agent should have shot 50 Cent’s brother in the leg THEN called it in.
  • I was kinda disappointed that Tony didn’t say one of Jack creepy molester lines as he suffocated Larry
  • Is he working with Hodges or for someone else trying to make a profit off the situation?
  • Noooo, Tony! Don’t you know how this will end?
* I realize that sounds dirty

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