24 Season Seven: 2:00AM – 3:00AM


Kill Count: 25 (0…still)

So Tony wants to die.  It’s that simple.  Jack wouldn’t just shoot Tony for any old reason.  This is how Tony tries to kill himself.

  • So Tony has been working for whomever Hodges works for and has been doing it this entire time? Sonuvabitch! I could have dealt with Tony making a last second money grab but now this goes back to before the White House siege.
  • Uh oh. Did Agent Freckles break up Larry’s marriage?  Nice single tear work.
  • The second he found out Larry was killed, Jack got a second wind…or he decided he can finally seal the deal on this Agent Freckles thing
  • The not-really-Hodges-lawyer looks like Temperance Brennan from Bones
  • Even Hodges’ boss (Will Patton!) thinks he’s batshit crazy and give him the option for an honorable death.  Well, is a self-induced cardiac arrest honorable?
  • I like that Jack didn’t mention he killed one of his partners
  • Tony: “I didn’t expect to see you here”. Translation: Oh FUCK!
  • Jack, under the effects of a biological agent and slowly dying, smelled bullshit in Tony’s story in less than three minutes
  • Aw, Kim is a) married and not to the douchebag therapist and b) has a daughter named after her mother, Teri
  • Oh, that plane she is taking back to L.A. is either getting hijacked or threatened before season’s end or her name is not Kim Bauer
  • We all know Jack doesn’t have a problem injecting himself with needles.
  • Ha @ Hodges trying to get a compliment card for Starkwood from that solider.  “How would you rate our service?”
  • Jack Bauer has his Admiral Ackbar moment.
  • Damn, Tony is cold-blooded.  Jack is going to shoot him several times.

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