24 Season Seven: 3:00AM – 4:00AM

Nothing bad will come from my snarkiness, right?

Nothing bad will come from my snarkiness, right?

Kill Count: 25 (0.  Why do I even bother?)

There’s not much that can be said about this episode.  This was one of the talky, set-up for the end run episodes (only four more hours left!).  Still, Jack yelling at Janis made it all worth it.

  • Even fighting a seizure, Jack can get out just enough words to tell Agent Freckles that Tony’s a bad guy
  • Um, late pass. Jack’s doctor is kinda hot
  • Why would you park a car you just stole in front of the motel where you are meeting, Tony?
  • Tony is filling in the Jack in the”Cool Kills” department. I like how casually he flipped up that bag to distract 50 Cent’s stunt double just enough.
  • Ok, I was hoping that Tony was just doing it for money but he’s a full-fledged villain.  All he needs to do is start twhiriling his soul patch while laughing sinisterly
  • How did Tony and Cara meet?  That would have been a great prequel
  • How did Cara whip up a detailed plan with a patsy in less than five minutes?
  • What’s with the futuristic chat room?  Does WebEx do that as well? Sinister anonymous conference calls?
  • How evil is Tony now? He put the shower curtain that he used to kill 50 Cent back on the rail and took a shower with his body still in the bathroom.
  • Hodges reveals the big plan: A bunch of defense contractors smoked a bowl while watching WarGames and said “We should TOTALLY do that!”
  • Of course, Jack and Tony have the same idea about how to utilize the final canister of the pathogen
  • Yay! Chloe’s back from maternity leave
  • I love how much power Jack has over Chloe.  She got him arrested 5 hours ago.  She’s lying in bed with her son.  It took her all of 10 seconds to put he shoes on.
  • I’m glad Chloe didn’t name her son “Edgar”
  • Is White Sherry Palmer going to have Crazy Uncle Hodges killed? Is Super Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce going to have to put her down?
  • Finally, Janis vs. Chloe!
  • Poor Janis.  she leaned a lesson that Chloe learned a LONG time ago. You may be snarky and bitchy about plans but only when Jack’s not around.  Don’t let Jack hear that shit.
  • Jack, I wish President Palmer was here too.

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