Movie of the Week: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

As much as I was disappointed by X-Men: The Last Stand, I will give that movie this much credit, I wasn’t bored.  During X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I was disappointed AND bored which is a double no-no.  It wasn’t the worst movie in the world as many people had painted it but if it wasn’t for the performances of Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber, I wouldn’t have cared at all.  Let’s go through the reasons I did not like this movie (minor spoilers):

  • I hated all of the creative licenses they took with all the new characters they introduced (except Blob which I just didn’t care about).  They essentially ruined one of my favorite characters, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, which was a big shame because Ryan Reynolds was perfect.
  • Who told he could act?  Well, whoever it was, s/he is a liar and a bad friend.
  • Taylor Kitsch (Gambit) couldn’t decide if he was supposed to be cajun or not
  • The reason that Wolverine loses his memory…just…UGH
  • They never explain how Sabertooth goes from short hair brunette Liev Schreiber to long hair blonde Taylor Mane
  • Apparently Logan’s clothes have a healing factor too because he would get slashed by claws and swords and it just looked like he snagged his shirt a couple of times by rose thorns
  • De-aging people via CGI NEVER looks good.

All in all, a bad start to the summer movie season.  I feel bad for Hugh Jackman mostly because I know he loves and respects this character.  Hopefully, he will get another stab at it.


7 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  1. seriously, when someone showed me the differnece in pics from he original trailer to the release trailer, i forgot how much I should be disgusted at them trying to do this after the dissapointment the 2nd one was.

    they really need to tap into the dark side alla harry p. & kick it up a notch.

    why does everything we love need to be watered down?

    I’m moving to Japan

  2. I actually LOVED the portrayal of Gambit, the accent was still there but very toned down. Even real cajuns hated Chris Potter’s accent in the cartoon.
    But yeah, the movie was pretty mediocre, I only liked gambit and creed.

  3. HA HA I did notice that his leather jacket NEVER got scratched at all and I thought that was a lil lame.

  4. i wondered sometimes (like during any of the explosion scenes) if the producers were trying to make fun of their own movie, or maybe the superhero genre in general

  5. I thought the movie was excellent!!! It was totally entertaining!!! I’m sure you guys could pick any movie apart. There are always some body to do that!
    p.s. Benjamin please go to Japan. I am totally tired of people bad mouthing america!!!

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