100 More Things That Make Me Happy (If Only For A Second)

I think it’s time for a new happy list especially on a gloomy day like today.

Here’s the first 100 if you missed it.

  1. “Mercy Flush Rules” e-mails or texts from Nikki, Kevin or Tony
  2. When Rule 76/Lock It Up wins
  3. Sharing a smile with an attractive woman at a bar, on the street or on the subway
  4. Any discussion surrounding the opening of “The Road to Hell”
  5. Last calls
  6. Chipotle carnitas burritos
  7. That moment when a 9-12 hour project is done and you have an hour or two to decompress
  8. Getting the idea for a new tattoo (even if I don’t actually get it)
  9. Getting the idea for a new story (even if I don’t actually write it)
  10. Thinking to myself that I’m actually not that drunk but then realizing that having this conversation with myself in my head is pretty much a confirmation that I am that drunk. (It’s always good for a laugh in front of the bathroom mirror at a bar)
  11. Porn and Chicken nights (we need to bring those back)
  12. Playing Rock Band with friends
  13. Finding a good quote for my Facebook status
  14. Reading NY Magazine’s Daily Intel recap of Gossip Girl on Tuesday morning
  15. Finishing a workout (especially when I didn’t think I’d have the energy to even get out of bed that morning)
  16. Playing with my friends’ children
  17. Any performance by Danny McBride
  18. Jing Du’s Chicken and Broccoli
  19. Sex (seriously, how did I forget this the first time?)
  20. Do-si-dos Girl Scout cookies
  21. Every time President Obama fixes something President Bush broke
  22. Feeling like I took a really good picture (especially at a concert)
  23. Being told I look good in glasses (which is in stark contrast to what I heard during most of my pre-contact lenses existence)
  24. Being in “The Zone” in beer pong
  25. Catching up with people I haven’t spoken to in years thanks to Facebook
  26. Hearing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” when Nikki, Kevin and/or Tony is around
  27. The look of revulsion on everyone else’s face when #26 happens
  28. Honey Nut Cheerios
  29. Avoiding spoilers long enough to actually be surprised by something on TV, in a movie or in comic books
  30. Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s
  31. Learning how to do something new in Adobe CS
  32. All the fun stuff about having a crush (basically, all the stuff that happens before the reality-setting-in phase)
  33. Seeing an awesome trailer
  34. Talking TV with Andrea
  35. Getting replies on Twitter
  36. Not being broke
  37. When Lost makes me say “Oh shit” in the final 2 minutes
  38. When Jack Bauer yells at someone
  39. Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother
  40. Cracking jokes with Erwin over IM in-between commercial breaks during Lost and 24
  41. Traveling
  42. Attending my friends’ weddings
  43. Winning the Loosie Fantasy Basketball league (Back-to-back championships!)
  44. Road trips
  45. Finding new comic book/graphic novel buddies
  46. Seeing Jasika on Fringe
  47. A really good steak
  48. Short work weeks for whatever reason
  49. Reading Comic Book Legends Revealed on Comics Should Be Good every Friday
  50. Finishing all the Netflix movies that have been collecting dust next to my television (Netflix has become the new gym membership)
  51. Beating a video game that has been collecting dust next to my X-Box 360/PS3
  52. Knowing that if I wanted to hook up with someone I’m talking to at a party/bar/etc., I could (not that I necessarily will and I have a tendency to miss this moment according to some parties)
  53. Hanging out at The Parlour after weekend Rule 76 games
  54. Having to go through my camera to fill in the blanks from the night before (as long as vomit wasn’t involved)
  55. Having someone agree with one of my ridiculous relationship theories
  56. Typing “Morning Beautiful ______ Brit” to Hannah every morning via IM (currently it’s “Beautiful Mommy Brit”)
  57. Calling Kristy, George and Elijah “Momma Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear”
  58. Suiting up!
  59. New York Comic-Con
  60. Reading crazy Grant Morrison interviews
  61. Scott Pilgrim
  62. The madness surrounding the “Who’s Now?” tournament
  63. Derreck & Joy’s Roundtables
  64. Bar crawls
  65. Tia’s Margarita Madness
  66. Ski weekends
  67. Hooking somebody on a TV show I love
  68. Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory
  69. Sitting on the Great Lawn in Central Park on a Spring or Summer day
  70. Making fun of people who brought it upon themselves
  71. Pam’s dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”
  72. Amazon Gold Box deals
  73. Oscar movie season
  74. Summer movie season
  75. Getting Thank You notes in the mail
  76. Grape bubblegum
  77. Kristen Wiig in anything
  78. When a movie lives up to the hype in my mind
  79. Shooting on the basketball hoop on the back of my office door
  80. When my Simpsons Interactive Comic Book Guy playset randomly goes off in my office and Ralphie says “I’m learning!”
  81. Unlimited mimosas at Sunday brunch
  82. Funny Facebook photo comments
  83. Songs by The Sundays
  84. Going to Blue & Gold Tavern with Jenny and getting drunk on Dirty Hipsters
  85. Having OPR reunion drinks with Sheilz, Bouch and Pilla
  86. Comic Critics
  87. Nate Robinson
  88. Thinking up a new annoying nickname for someone
  89. Stella Artois
  90. When this song comes on my iPod when I’m walking somewhere
  91. When someone says or does something incredibly stupid but not so stupid we can’t laugh about it for weeks
  92. Season two of Chuck
  93. Songs by Los Campesinos!
  94. Making mix CDs just because
  95. This scene from Scrubs
  96. Accomplishing a goal I set for myself (a little too rare these days)
  97. Seeing a great opening act at a concert
  98. Seeing new pictures of Troy, Asha and Elijah
  99. Fun with Photoshop
  100. Sheila making sure I write about something other than TV and movies on my blog.

If you’re on this list, thanks for the seconds of happiness. however fleeting.


4 thoughts on “100 More Things That Make Me Happy (If Only For A Second)

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with #68. I have to rewatch last night’s episode because Danny wouldn’t stop talking and I missed too many funny lines.

  2. I can’t believe I didn’t make this list. I make myself happy all the time. Oh wait, that sounded bad. I meant… forget it. Awesome list again man. I agree with like 37 of these, and nothing on this list makes me angry.

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