24 Season Seven: 4:00AM – 5:00AM

It's not what you think, Chloe. I'm not back on the smack.

It's not what you think, Chloe. I'm not back on the smack.

Kill Count: 25 (0)

I thought I would try something different this time around and keep log of my thoughts as they happened.  The time syncs with my cable box clock and not the shows clock:

9:03 PM: How the fuck did they set all this shit up in less than five minutes? Banner? Scripts?

9:06 PM: There’s the liberal voice Janane Garofalo was supposed to bring.  But of course the conservative Jack Bauer made sure she didn’t have a good answer

9:07 PM: Mary Lynn lost that baby weight quick!

9:08 PM: Will Chloe finally confess her deep and unrelenting love for Jack?

9:09 PM: Chloe makes a crying face like a kid who didn’t get a pony for her birthday

9:10 PM: I’m sorry. I’ve seen enough terrorist videos on CNN these to know that he would wear a mask.  I know they want to frame him but how about a little authenticity

9:16 PM: Well it didn’t take Chloe long to find Jabraan.  Take notes, Janis.

9:17 PM: Is Jack finally going to get to shoot someone?  The first body is going to have dust in the bullet wound

9:18 PM: This really is the birth of White Sherry Palmer.  All we need are her eyes to go yellow like Anakin in Revenge of the Sith

9:19 PM: How are going to arrange a hit while you are inside The White House, probably using their laptops?

9:20 PM: “Robert Tibbet is my new name?…sounds like a dog breed” – Crazy Uncle Jonas Hodges

9:21 PM: Can Hodges say anything without it turning into a soliloquy from Hamlet?

9:26 PM: It’s not the virus that’s hurting Jack, it’s the not shooting people that is

9:27 PM: “I know you…” I bet there are pictures of Jack Bauer in mosques everywhere.

9:31 PM: 2 minutes to upload that video? Ha! Not on Youtube or Vimeo

9:33 PM: Ok, he’s selling this script to his brother a little too well.

9:39 PM: You disappoint me, WSP.  Your journey to the dark side was almost complete but somehow I think the hit is still going to happen

9:41 PM: Agent Freckles would love to forgive you, Jack. And by “forgive” I mean “have sex with”

9:45 PM: If that was WSP’s hitman who killed Hodges, how’d he wire a car bomb in a secure facility?

9:52 PM: Get it together, WSP! That dude is going to shoot you in the park.  Luckily you have Super Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce watching your evil ass

9:53 PM: Sure Agent Freckles, let the guy with memory lapses and a shaky hand take point.

9:54 PM:
Just the anticipation of gunplay has got Jack feeling better.  A little extra pep in his step.

9:55 PM: NOOOO, AMIR! You stole a kill from Jack.  That kill might have saved his life! He needs to feed like a vampire.

9:57 PM: Ha! The metro is never on time.  This plan is doomed to fail.

Next week: Jack tortures, Jack meets up with Tony again, Kim and her stem cells come back.


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