Lost Season Five: Follow The Leader


What I Liked:

  • Well, there’s not much to say because this was the typical penulitimate episode of the season where everyone gets to where they need to be and we see what the stakes are for the finale
  • It was strange seeing Richard Alpert surprised and confused for once
  • The scene between Juliet and Sawyer in the submarine was acted very well (until it was ruined)
  • Hurley failing Dr. Chang’s history quiz
  • Sayid’s back!
  • Even though Ben was given specific instructions to do whatever Locke told him to, it was nice to see him try and needle Locke and raise suspicions with Alpert

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Only Jack would think he could do the same things that Faraday, a renowned physicist, could
  • Jack has turned into Locke and not in a “spiritual island leader” kinda way but in a “We shouldn’t push the button in the hatch” kinda way
  • Damnit Kate, you just HAD to get on that submarine
  • The CGI showing the submarine leaving the island was laughably bad like one of those commercials for graphic design school you see at 8:00 AM

Lines of the Night:

  • “I remember meeting them very clearly because…I watched them all die.” – Alpert to Sun regarding the 815ers in the 70’s”
  • “It was not all misery.” “Enough of it was…” – Kate and Jack reharding what happened since the plane crashed on the island
  • “What year were you born?” “Uh, 19.. 31.” “You’re 46? You fought in the Korean war?” “There was no such thing.” “Who is the President of the United States?” “All right, dude, we’re from the future.” – Dr. Chang and Hurley
  • “Does he know what he’s talking about?” “He thinks he does.” – Eloise and Kate regarding Jack’s plan
  • “Since when did shooting kids and blowing up hydrogen bombs become OK?” – Kate to Jack & Sayid
  • “It a 12-foot, 40,000 pound hydrogen bomb. So, no, not through the pool.” – Alpert in response to Jack’s stupid question if they were moving the bomb through the pool
  • “We’ll buy Microsoft. We’ll bet on the Cowboys in the ’78 Super Bowl.” – Sawyer to Juliet about what they can do for money when they get off the island
  • “If it works, it might just save us all. If it doesn’t, at least it will put us out of our misery.” – Sayid to jack regarding his plan to set off the hydrogen bomb
  • “I’m starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble.” “Why do you think I tried to kill him?” – Alpert and Ben
  • “Why are we going to Jacob?” “So I can kill him.” – Ben and Locke


  • How does the whole “You aren’t allowed back on the island after you move it” work?
  • Where did the compass originally come from as we’ve seen it pass hands from Locke to Alpert a few times?
  • Is Kate reluctant of changing the past because of  a) Jack and/or Sawyer, b) because she’d go to jail if the plane lands or c) because it’s the stupid fucking thing she’s ever heard?
  • Has Ben ever seen Jacob?
  • Does J.Crew and Banana Republic do special deliveries to Richard Alpert?
  • How does the island speak to Locke?
  • Now that Sayid has reappeared, where is Rose and Bernard?
  • Is the plan to kill Jacob all Locke’s or is the island telling him that this needs to be done?
  • Exactly how long has Alpert been an advisor? Was he ever leader?
  • Does Widmore look as old photos of himself and just say “Damn, I had some beautiful hair”?

One thought on “Lost Season Five: Follow The Leader

  1. what happened to that whole Aaron should die because he’s going to be an awful person stuff go?

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