24 Season Seven: 5:00AM – 6:00AM


Kill Count: 25 (0)

There are certain unalienable truths in the world. The laws of gravity. The Earth rotates around the sun.  E=MC2.  Kim Bauer is a magnet for danger.

  • How many wigs does the evil Sydney Bristow have?
  • Agent Freckles no long flinches or looks away when Jack does his thing.  Her turn is complete.
  • Janis finally concedes in the snark war with Chloe.  She never stood a chance
  • I guess Tony liked Eagle Eye with that “We’re always watching” bullshit
  • Why would WSP go anywhere without SSSA Pierce?  He can stop bullets with his teeth and bullshit with his ears
  • WSP isn’t so bad now, is she?
  • Of course Kim’s flight has been delayed.
  • Of course, Kim’s BlackVerry battery died.
  • What’s with the dude staring at her? Does Kim have an unnatural fear of brown-skinned, Middle Eastern appearing men?
  • Jack was just like “Fuck this chase shit. I’m dying!”
  • Um, shouldn’t Jack be getting the shakes or something…ah, there we go.
  • Tony should know better than anyone. Anything short of dumping the mini-computer in a vat of acid, they will recover the files
  • (Unrelated note: Taken proves that Jack Bauer can work as a movie character, maybe not 24 but Jack Bauer)
  • Uh oh, Janis goes in for the snark backhand
  • “I need you to walk away”
  • I know Jack repeatedly punched him in the face but why is Tony shaking his head like a bobblehead doll?
  • Well, that was a bit anticlimatic.  What are we going to do for the next two hours?
  • You know Agent Freckles would like to give Jack Bauer one more mission before he dies.
  • HAHA. Even Jack knows Kim needs 24-7 surveillance
  • Of course Kim would choose to sit next to Mr’ & Mrs. Smith’s parents.

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