24 Season Seven: 6:00AM – 7:00AM / 7:00AM – 8:00AM


Final Kill Count: 28 (+3)

Um, is there another hour of this season that I’m unaware of? I thought this was the season finale.

  • Shouldn’t the White House assume all the major defense contractors are in on this scheme?
  • Aww, what considerate killers! Giving up their seat for an old woman
  • Tony’s looking smug as shit while Jack breaks him out
  • HAHA! They are going harvest Jack Bauer’s organs as the source of the virus. Brilliant!
  • SSSA Aaron Pierce is always right.
  • Oh WSP. It all falls apart.  You will learn the next time around
  • No Agent Freckles! Don’t hinge the plan on Kim’s acting skills.
  • Really? Opening fire in an airport? Great escape plan.
  • Kim finally shows that she has some of the Bauer blood in her with the resourceful pen stab right down to the “Damnit!”
  • Of course, Kim’s battery died
  • Of course, Kim would go after the hired killer
  • I knew SSSA Aaron Pierce had the real recording. After President Logan, nobody pulls a fast one on him.
  • Of course, Kim got set on fire and doesn’t remember stop, drop and roll
  • They can fly Bauer into the sun to cure him.
  • Three kills in handcuffs!  BAUER IS BACK
  • Those deaths are Tony’s fault.  How does he not tell the doctor’s “Keep the blades away from Bauer’s reach at ALL TIMES”
  • That was your mistake, WSP! Letting SSSA Pierce get close enough to smell the evil on you
  • Oh Tony. It always comes back to Michelle.
  • So was Tony expecting Jack to kill those doctors and get free because how else would he have had time to strap a bomb on him?
  • Is Kara Will’s daughter or some creepy shit like that?
  • Agent Freckles with the moves! Truly she is Jack’s protege.
  • Um, it’s been awhile since Jack got a shot
  • Bye Kara. Damn. Tony is COLD BLOOODED
  • Aww, Michelle was pregnant
  • Too bad Tony decided to start monologuing before shooting Will. Didn’t he see The Incredibles while he was off losing his mind?
  • I actually yelled out “Ouch” aloud in my room when Jack shot Tony in the hand
  • Agent Freckles: “Do you regret anything you did today?
    Jack Bauer: “Heh. No.”
  • Family meeting in the White House
  • Uh Oh, First Gentleman sides with WSP! Twist!
  • Somebody needed to slap WSP at least!
  • Janis and Chloe sorta make up. I smell a sitcom
  • Yes! Agent Freckles has finally gone over to the dark side!!!
  • Annnnd he comes the stem cells
  • What if Kim dies while saving Jack? How awesome would that be?

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