Movie of the Week: Terminator Salvation

Man, what would it take to get James Cameron to come back to the franchise?  This movie was okay.  Not as bad as the reviews made it seem. Sam Worthington was great (considering some of the awful lines he was given). Christian Bale (still in Dark Knight-voice mode) really didn’t bring anything to the role aside from being grim for two and a half hours (which is sad because the movie was rewritten to make John Connor a bigger part of the film).  Anton Yelchin did an awesome Michael Biehn impression as young Kyle Reese.

I wasn’t sure for awhile but it’s official: Common gives some of the worst line readings I have ever heard. I want to know who his agent is that he keeps getting parts in these big movies. No way McG didn’t cringe when he watched the dailies.

The script and plot were very suspect but one thing that bugged me about the final act of the movie was how STUPID Skynet was.  This part is spoilery so stop reading if you didn’t see the movie and don’t want to be spoiled.

So Skynet had the foresight to create Marcus as the ultimate inflitrator into the Resistance. Cool. However:

  • Even though they somehow had identified Kyle Reese as John’s father it still felt the need to use Kyle to lure John Connor to Skynet so that they could kill him as opposed to just killing Kyle and wiping John Connor from the timeline.
  • So they get John Connor into Skynet (why is Skynet human-accesible anyway?) where there are a factories worth of Terminators but decided to try and kill John with one single Arnold model. Why? For the sake of irony?
  • When the Arnold model fought Marcus, it was able to identify Marcus’ weakness (his human heart) and neutralize him yet it couldn’t take care of human, frail John Connor despite having his metel grip on him at least four times, once around his neck. Was his directive “Eliminate John Connor…slooowllly”?

Also, why was Skynet essentially monologuing to Marcus? Aside from the fact that since when do computers gloat but Marcus was a terminator, it could have fed all this information into this head.



One thought on “Movie of the Week: Terminator Salvation

  1. Christian Bale (still in Dark Knight-voice mode)
    you noticed too?

    i barely liked it the first time
    but to do it again in a different movie?
    bad form

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