Movie of the Week: Angels & Demons

I was going to give this movie three Me’s.

I thought it was more entertaining and enjoyable than The Da Vinci Code.

But during the movie, I kept looking over at Andrea and she had this look of disapproval and her arms crossed pretty much the entire movie. When the credits started, she proceeded to tell me how much she hated it and for the next 30 minutes told me everything they changed (which was a lot apparently) so I have to take that into account.

1) I’m glad I didn’t read the book before the movie and 2) now she knows how I felt about X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


One thought on “Movie of the Week: Angels & Demons

  1. If I remember correctly, this was exactly what I said would be. Without having read the book, it was a very enjoyable movie. It’s so hard to make a good movie from a good book though…

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