What I Hope To Do This Summer: 2009 Edition

Shakespeare In Central Park: This year, they are doing Twelfth Night starring Anne Hathaway, Raúl Esparza and Audra McDonald.  I leaned my lesson from the last time I went and I’m going to try and score tickets in the middle of the run instead at the end when everyone is trying to get tickets.

100 Movies I’m Embarrassed To Admit I Haven’t Seen Yet: My DVD project of the summer will be to make it through this entire list.  I’ve already knocked off five movies (and haven’t been disappointed by any thus far).

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival: There are a couple of movies playing that are on my list but I think I will go to Harold & Maude on July 20th and/or Close Encounters of the Third Kind on August 17th (full schedule).

Bike-riding: My bicycle is sitting in the corner of my room all dusty and with flat tires. It’s pathetic. I’m pretty sure I only rode my bicycle ONCE last summer and that just won’t do.  Since we are going to have a ton of bike racks at our new office, now is as good a time as any and get back on the saddle, literally and figuratively

Road Trip: A couple of friends and myself will be driving down to New Orleans (with a stop in Atlanta) for July 4th weekend (a.k.a my birthday).  Hopefully we all make it there safely and back.

Photos: One of the “50 Things I Hope To Do or Start This Year” was one of Cindy’s photo-a-day projects. So this summer I am going to try and take at least one picture a day starting today and ending on August 31st.  I imagine it will start easy and end up being a lot of silly photos in my bedroom. We’ll see how this plays out.

Concerts: No Lollapalooza for me this year but I’m looking forward to

On top of that, I have:

That seems like a lot, right? Wish me luck


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