Perspective Schsmective

You know what’s been driving me crazy?

Sometimes when I talk to my friends who happen to be unemployed about something about my job that bugs me, some of them always reply dismissively with some version of “Hey, at least you have a job” effectively ending the conversation.

The first 10-25 times I was like, “Yeah, you’re right.”

Now I’m just tired of this shit.

Listen I’m sorry that you don’t have a job. I really am.  I hope you find the job of your dreams and if you don’t, I hope you settle for a job that pays the bills before your unemployment runs out.  But until that day comes, I would appreciate it if you could suck it up and listen to me bitch and moan about my job.

What if I applied that concept to all conversations?

Your girlfriend is driving you crazy? At least you have a girlfriend now suck it up and deal with that crazy girl that reads your e-mails and may or may not be sleeping with your best friend.

You don’t want to visit your grandmother this weekend? At least your grandmother is alive now suck it up and hope she doesn’t ask you why you haven’t married that crazy girl you brought around last Christmas.

I don’t think I’m asking for much.  Just listen to me complain and throw back “Oh that sucks” and keep it moving.  You can make it “Oh that sucks for you” if you want to make a point.


One thought on “Perspective Schsmective

  1. I did this to myself today. I was thinking that it sucked that there were no workstudy students around to do the mindless tasks (stuff envelopes) so I had to do them. Then I thought I shouldn’t complain, ’cause I have a job. But really, I think I shouldn’t complain because I have a job that’s not back breaking labor, unsafe and I’m not underpaid.

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