Sometimes I want to be in a loving, romantic relationship…to have someone to talk to all the time…to wake up next to…to remind me of the 100 Things I Love About Being In A Relationship…to think about marrying and having children with…watching those children be cute and grow up…to play the “But why?” game with…

And sometimes, I’m happy to have all that free time from NOT having a loving relationship to clear out all the TV shows stored on my DVR.

It comes in waves.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. Emptying the DVR is nearly impossible when you have kids. It requires staying up late and making yourself more sleep deprived. Hence, me operating on 5 hours sleep today.

  2. Wow I stumbled upon your blog site and this is the first one I read and I have to say I feel you. I was married and I have a kid but I miss the everyday taken for grant relationship ish but on other days nobody loves me like me except God so I good.

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